Trader Joe’s Cassava Chips Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cassava Chips Reviews

  1. BDCThug

    They’re kinda like plain Lay’s but with a different texture. Salty, crispy, and hit the spot as a snack. We housed the smallish bag in one sitting but they’re also one dimensional. Probably work well with a dip or some seasoning.

  2. Anonymous

    Not too salty. Hard, crispy crunch, not airy light crunch like Lays. Almost like eating a crispy stale chip. Interesting texture. No additives. More like 3.5.

  3. GEND

    Not sure what i was expecting, but it has the taste of a veggie chip! Agree with the other reviewer that it had the texture of a cripsy stale chip. Personally not a fan

  4. Anonymous

    I love that Trader Joe’s has brought this tuberous root to their stores in a chip form. Do not expect this to taste like a potato chip, it has a very different consistency. It’s crispy, perfectly salty for a chip, and has a fun crunch that is unlike a potato chip. After buying these chips, I read up more about the cassava root. It’s a staple food in many other countries and feeds half a billion people worldwide. I love these chips and nicely different from a potato chip.

  5. Diane

    I love these and buy them each week! They are from Peru, I believe? They are a great alternative to potato chips without as much guilt! Yes, they aren’t identical to potato chips, but reasonably close, at least to me. I’m crazy about these and Hope Trader Joe’s will keep them on the shelves. Might just be me, but potato chips make me gain weight, while these not so much. Would have to study the glycemic index to see how these differ?

  6. Anonymous

    Tastes authentic, please continue selling.

  7. Anonymous

    Be extremely careful with these. I honestly got food poisoning. I googled cassava chips and they can contain cyanide. I was so incredibly sick after eating these. I would not recommend.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s addicting and just so good

  9. Christine

    Good substitute for potatoes chips. Simple flavor. But the bag is 2/3 air. Waste of money. I wish they’d actually fill the bag up instead of giving a practically empty bag.

  10. Lily

    I absolutely love these, was not expecting them to be as good as they are for a healthier option. I wish they used a healthier oil but they taste just like the baked lays just a slightly thinner crispier texture. Wish I bought more bags

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