Trader Joe’s Carb Savvy Sliced Bread with Sunflower Seeds & Flax Seeds Reviews

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Excellent source of dietary fiber.


20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Carb Savvy Sliced Bread with Sunflower Seeds & Flax Seeds Reviews

  1. M Fousek

    I love this bread but if you buy be careful when you eat it as I broke a tooth on a little rock in the bread. No fun going to Dentist.

  2. Anonymous

    Unusable as it’s soft and crumbly. Begins to fall apart just taking a slice out of the bag and certainly can’t stand up to spreads. Worst product I’ve ever had from TJs.

  3. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this bread. Super yummy great source of fiber low carb amazing must-try!

  4. Laura

    This bread is insanely low-carb, insanely low cal, and packed with an insane amount of fiber…. and….it basically tastes like Wonderbread. I am struggling to believe it. Toast it too long and it will crumble though. Toast it lightly or use it soft and Wonder-bready. I hope this one is never discontinued because it is my diet salvation.

  5. Yanira Rosales

    Delicioso y saludable, sin duda un aliado de mi dieta

  6. Anonymous

    Very soft bread. Taste salty and has weird aftertaste (slightly bitter and sour) if not toasted. If toasted, no weird aftertaste and less salty. Bread didn’t fall apart as mentioned in other reviews. However I used toaster oven which may be why it didn’t fall apart.

  7. Haley

    Not crumbly or dense. Easily made a sandwich that didn’t have to be toasted. Soft and delicious! This bread is magical.

  8. Diane Hooper

    Love this bread…tasty low-carb, lightly toasted or not. Great sandwiches or crumble for meatloaf, etc.

  9. Patricia Wynn

    This low carb bread is absolutely delicious. I’m not sure where the issues that others are having with the texture are coming from because the certainly did not exist in the loaf that I purchased. Put a slice of cheese between two slices, grill it, and thank me later.

  10. DCDeb

    Fantastic low carb bread. Handle with care, toast lightly, add butter, enjoy!

  11. Pat Damrosch

    Fantastic for losing weight and getting healthy. High fiber, low carb, tasty bread!

  12. Anonymous

    Yum and saving my diet

  13. Terry Morgan

    Love that it is thin and very soft. I used it for tea sandwiches. Perfect. Most Trader Joe’s breads are as heavy as a brick. This is lovely and light.

  14. Fred M

    I love this bread! Agreed it crumbles easily, but items that are softer spreads, (TJ’s creamy Peanut Butter works great) are good uses for this bread.

  15. Anonymous

    It passes as a regular slice of bread in terms.of taste but it’s so damn crumbly, regardless of how much I toast it. Spreading peanut butter on it just gets messy

  16. K

    Not bad and appreciate that it’s low cal but the crumbliness bothers me. Not sure if I’ll buy again.

  17. kazy

    I didn’t like this compared to other low carb breads out there. Very crumbly and dry. Had an aftertaste. Toasted it with butter. Bland. Didn’t really taste like bread. Prefer Extraordinary Bites, Sola, Aunt Millie’s + others, over this. But hey, thanks for trying.

  18. Anonymous

    I love this bread it is the only one that has 18 grams of fiber per serving and the serving is two slices. It is pricey, but it is totally
    worth it. I am very sorry that it is being discontinued.

  19. Paola’s boyfriend

    This bread is very delicate if not toasted and toasting lightly fixed the problem. Great taste, and great to meet half RDA fiber with two slices.

  20. Amy

    Just came back from TJs, it’s discontinued, sob!

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