Trader Joe’s Calamansi Cooler Reviews

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a tropical Citrus beverage.

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Calamansi Cooler Reviews

  1. Shelly

    I absolutely loved this drink. To me, it tasted like a cross between a lime & an orange. It’s not overly sweet like a juice, it’s tart like a lemonade. The first sip or two was odd, but then I quickly fell in love with it. I will be going back to the store tomorrow to stock up while they still have them. I hope this fruit takes off in America because I would love to see it in other food products.

  2. Anonymous

    too bad it is a seasonal item.

  3. scott

    when will this return? is completely sold out now and i keep asking the store managers when will it be in again, never get a for sure answer, just maybe check back in few days…. well its been almost month now , and still nothing yet???

  4. Ellie

    What? They are discontinuing this item. Why? It is delicious.

  5. L Williams

    The trader joes in my area said they were discontinuing it. don’t know why, but this was my favorite beverage! I think they should at least offer it online for customers to purchase.

  6. May

    I’m absolutely addicted to this drink, I usually have 2-3 cans a days and to think it will no longer be available for me to purchase, makes me soooo sad 🙁

  7. Linda K

    This cooler is wonderful. Please keep making it

  8. John N

    This drink is absolutely delicious not too sweet not too sour just perfect. I am heartbroken if this is discontinued please do not discontinue.

  9. Elizabeth Angelini

    My kids and I love this drink. Please bring it back. Calamansi Cooler is such a good alternative to all the other bad drinks out there.

  10. PLonergan

    I love it too! Bought the last single can left at TJ’s today. They said it was discontinued. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! It’s the perfect summer beverage with a slice of lime and a shot of tequila. 🙂

  11. MFontes

    Please bring this back.

  12. Marie

    This product was so delicious. Can you please bring it back? We used to buy so many packs and store them in our cupboard. Now our stash is depleted and we can’t get it anymore? Delicious on its own or put in a mixed drink.

  13. Sophie G Diall DuPuis

    This was a favorite drink of mine for the summer, and now is being discontinued, boooooo!

  14. Anonymous

    This stuff is wonderful! PLEASE bring it back. TJ’s eliminates too many things that I like- like the blue Cheese slices (yes- SLICES- so you can put it on a sandwich!) & those (frozen) Danish Ebelskiver- the round pancakes- In NO TIME at ALL i could be back in my grandmother’s kitchen. Not everything has to be sriracha or Jalapeño , ya know…..

  15. Sophia

    Please bring this back!

  16. Anonymous

    Is Trader Joe listening to these reviews? Any explanation to why the Calamansi Cooler was discontinued?

  17. Lisa Millward

    We Love Calamansi Cooler; we were just talking about how we miss it!!
    It’s September 2023~~~
    I think you would be doing a favor for everyone to bring it back!!
    Why don’t you?

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