Trader Joe’s Cage Free Fresh Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cage Free Fresh Hard Cooked Peeled Eggs Reviews

  1. Jay M

    First time buying these (2/17/22) The use by date says 3/21/22 – clearly, plenty of time before they should be bad. However, I just snacked on one and it is very bitter. There’s no discoloration or smell. They appear fresh. But that taste is awful! I’m familiar with ferrous sulfide but that’s never been a significant bitter taste. These eggs are likely very well cooked so perhaps that’s the reason? I really don’t want to get sick.

  2. Rose M.

    Same as Jay, these did not taste right at all. It’s odd because, how do you make a hard boiled egg taste wrong? Trader Joe’s is usually my go to, but I am going to take these back.

  3. Sarah

    Just bought these the other day. Expiration date 3/22/22. Had the same issue as Jay and Rose. Very bitter taste. They smell fine. The whites are very thin and detached from the yolk and really rubbery. Very odd, never seen that before. Had to throw away. Not sure if they’re safe to eat.

  4. Liz

    Same problem here, they look fine and smell fine but the taste once you bite into one and taste it, it’s bitter. Such a weird taste!!!! EW!

  5. Rachel

    I bought these yesterday and they are horrible. The have a very odd texture, almost like carbonation. I thought maybe it was a preservative but the only ingredient listed is egg. I won’t risk another bite!

  6. Laura

    Same as above. Smell ok but tasted awful. Odd, zingy/bitter flavor in the yolk

  7. Anonymous

    nasty asfffffff

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