Trader Joe’s Breakfast Trek Mix Reviews

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With granola clusters, Greek yogurt flavored chips, roasted almonds, and dried cranberries.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Breakfast Trek Mix Reviews

  1. LaDonna

    Please bring it back!!!!! I was told that it has been discontinued.

  2. Kim

    Yes, please bring it back! I was also told it has been discontinued. I miss this in my yogurt.

  3. Sandra

    Please bring it back!!!! Where can I order????

  4. Magnolia

    This was my favorite because it didn’t have cashews or peanuts which I’m allergic to. It was a sweet, salty and crunchy snack and I miss it a lot!

  5. Dana

    I really miss this mix! It was a perfect mix that wasn’t too sweet or too salty. I loved the oat clusters. This mix also featured prominently in my roasted banana boat dessert when camping. Please bring it back!

  6. Sue K

    I agree – bring it back!!

  7. mj

    This was the perfect mix for my yogurt! Please bring it back!!!

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