Trader Joe’s Braised Beef Roast Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Braised Beef Roast Reviews

  1. Sheila G

    I was expecting more of a pot roast. Perhaps it was just an unlucky piece that I bought, but there was A LOT of fat. We only ate about 1/2 of it – my dog was thrilled with the other 1/2. This was just not up to TJ quality that I find in their other products

  2. HN

    Tasted good and easy, but beware the directions are unclear. The provided baking dish is for microwaving only. Don’t use it for the oven heating instructions!!!

  3. Jamie

    Yes, Yes, Yes!! Tastes homemade and it’s so easy to heat up in the oven. Must buy!!!

  4. D RP

    This is just an awful pot roast, not suitable for dinners or sandwiches.. Better than my mother’s, though, and the doggies seem to like it, hence the extra star.

  5. Mary

    The package contained 1 plastic wrapped roast and the label said 4 servings. Four very tiny servings from a 24 oz package. Should there have been 2 wrapped packages? Tasted ok but barely enough for 2 people.

  6. Janis

    It’s awesome! My family loves it and it’s easy, affordable, and doesn’t have a ton of crap and sodium added. The price just went up $1.00 but it’s still cheaper and way easier than buying a chuck (pot) roast at the grocery store and making it yourself. It comes with its own demi-glaze so I just put some mushrooms in it while it’s cooking, make some potatoes and a fresh veg and it’s dinner in less t than 30 minutes.

  7. yili

    it was good enough for what it is. the sauce was flavorful and savery. the meat itself was mediocre, for the price and convenience, it is hard to beat. put some side dish together and this is an A mi us weekday dinner. I am an outstanding homecook, so my A minus is a high mark.

  8. Sabina

    Pricy but very tasty. I got this as a lazy meal cheat. As someone who cooks for a living when i get home iam too tired to cook so most of my meals are ready to go ones unless I meal prep on off days. I got this for a lazy day. Reheated in oven and it was delicious. Needed a bit more salt imo but I like things salty. Paired great with trader joes frozen jasmine rice. I will get a good 3 or 4 meals out of this

  9. AndyB

    Surprised and pleased! I was looking for an easy to eat dinner to make for a friend, saw this, and may well substitute it for the short ribs I was planning to cook for a crowd over the holidays. It is really, really good.

  10. Colleen

    Very tasty but not enough after 2 dinner servings for the leftovers to go for my husbands lunch.

  11. Eddie

    I’m a picky eater and I loved this dish wife made potatoes and asparagus and I was in seventh heaven!

  12. Deb

    First time trying this it was very tasty easy to prepare and heat up in the oven I’m single and very good cook to make is a pot roast just add bay leaf, onions and carrots, I freshly made au gratin potatoes it was delicious for Sunday , left overs on Monday and break fast, on Tuesday morning with scrambled eggs

  13. Terry Bennett

    Meh. It’s easy to prepare but meat is fatty and not very tasty- kinda like the Australian cuts of beef in supermarket that are cheaper than usda. Gravy had good taste though.. I won t purchase again

  14. Marissa

    The past 3 times I have bought this, it has been frozen in the middle. I don’t understand. It’s in the refrigerated section, I put it in my fridge. Why is is frozen even after I cook it at 350 for 20 mins???

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