Trader Joe’s Boatswain Chocolate Stout Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Boatswain Chocolate Stout Reviews

  1. D. Hurley

    This Stout is not a good Chocolate Stout, as Chocolate Stouts go. It is okay as beer goes. I enjoyed drinking it, but not if I go in with the mindset that it is trying to be a Chocolate Stout.

  2. Chris

    Fantastic for the $. A lighter stout with an excellent flavor of carmel malt and chocolate. Not very heavy so its a great choice year-round. Always have a pack in the beer fridge next to the crap beer (for profiling purposes, like the other reviewer here).

  3. CoastalLocal

    For the $ it would have to be my beer (or I should say light stout) of choice. I am on the Oregon coast and the closest place to buy is Corvallis. Almost worth the special trip to buy it. I really enjoy it. This is not a Guinness or a Murphy’s, but a lighter version that is very drinkable. If only I could buy it locally…….

  4. Steve

    This is a great, economical alternative to imported stouts/porters. I had consumed one serving daily. I was very disappointed when I was told that it is now designated a “seasonal” item. Now that it is autumn, I look forward to its return to my local Trader Joe’s.

  5. Bruce

    I have enjoyed the Boatswain chocolate stout during the fall and winters for the last several years. I stopped in the local TJ’s several times this winter and am always disappointed that it’s not on the shelf this year.

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