Trader Joe’s Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies Reviews

  1. Erica

    Oh my. Tried a package and went back for more the next day. I generally don’t care for any dessert not homemade, but these delicious pies are bursting with fresh blueberry filling. Tastes fresh, not gummy or too sweet, with a strong burst of lemon. Plus a tender buttery crust dusted with sugar crystals. Serve up with some cream or ice cream. Addictive and awesome!

  2. M

    Delicious fruit filled handpie with lots of lemon flavor as well. Read directions as to how to heat. Great breakfast treat

  3. Linda

    These are the best ever! When I went to get more I found out they’re seasonal. I would have bought more if I’d known. Don’t like strawberry rhubarb.

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