Mama’s Blueberry Lemon Cream Biscuits Reviews

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Handmade with real blueberries. Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold at various Trader Joe’s locations in the frozen section.


13 reviews for Mama’s Blueberry Lemon Cream Biscuits Reviews

  1. Greg

    These were delicious. I wanted and craved more so, in typical TJ fashion, they have not been in stock since. They always quit carrying the best stuff just to spite me, ha.

  2. Shawnda

    Did not meet my expectation…unfortunately. I could slightly taste the blueberry & lemon flavor…just substance. Disappointed 🙁

  3. Anonymous

    Biggest waste of money. No lemon glaze at all. One blueberry in each biscuit. Dry, flavorless. The people who love these must be getting paid to say that. Dont waste your money.

  4. Kirsten

    Bought the Cheddar, Bacon & jalapeño which were new at WalMart this is definitely a ONE & DONE will NEVER buy again / could NOT taste Bacon nor Cheddar nor Jalepeno / were very packy biscuits & not even good – what a waste of money.

  5. Brenda Parker

    Love these biscuits. Sorry only available certain seasons.

  6. Emily

    These biscuits have practically no flavor. You can barely taste any blueberry or lemon flavor. Very disappointing. If I wanted plain tasting biscuits, I would have bought plain tasting biscuits. I do not recommend nor will I ever buy again.

  7. Shannon

    I love these biscuits so so much! They are fluffy, flaky and dense at the same time. They don’t even need the lemon frosting drizzle but it adds a nice touch! I wish these were around all year!

  8. Alejandra

    These biscuits are a 10/10 soo buttery and flaky and loved the blueberry lemon cream on top. My kids also love them and wish they where sold all year long

  9. Leslie Hamilton

    I loved the blueberry lemon cream biscuits. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as it did as it’s definitely something that I would consider to traditionally come in scone form. I was pleasantly surprised by how microwave friendly they were. Typically, microwaving prioritizes the convenience over the quality, but I did not feel that was the case here. Another aspect was that the biscuit texture was incredibly nostalgic – it was dry and moist in the best way possible. The biscuit is good with and without the glaze! One recommendation would be to adjust the glazing packaging so that it could be resealable or capped if individual packages is not possible. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but the ease of use wouldn’t hurt. I will definitely be repurchasing regardless!

  10. Ce

    Never will buy again – very dry – crumbly. I microwaved two on a plate, cut each into 4 squares. Only one tiny, tiny blue something appeared in each biscuit. They must have divided one blueberry into two pieces and dropped into each biscuit. Plus, you have to frost them yourself. Just a horrible mess. Go back to cooking school! Does not deserve even one star in ratings.

  11. Carrie

    Loved these! Didn’t even notice the glaze until I was halfway through the package. So good with butter only, but the glaze catapults them to another level. Praying TJ’s still has them when I go back.

  12. J. Nichols

    No flavor. Tasted just like plain baking powder biscuit. A big letdown.

  13. Letara McCain

    There were only four in the bag instead of 6
    But they were delicious

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