Trader Joe’s Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits Reviews

  1. Mr. D

    We love these biscuits but are having a hard time finding them. I do hope they return to the shelves soon. Light but filling and a healthy way to start the day or whenever. The only problem is our two chihuahuas love them even more. Just the crinkle of the package has them cornering you in the pantry. Are these things even legal? I hope we survive the withdrawals ……help

  2. Elisa Wells

    Same problem here. I love the Trader Joe’s blueberry breakfast biscuits! Unfortunately I was told at my local Trader Joe’s that they have been discontinued. I am so disappointed! With high protein and high fiber per serving they are the perfect breakfast on the go, snack, and cure for a sweet tooth. Please, Trader Joe’s, bring this product back! (Try placing with the cereal bars.)

  3. E Houston

    These delicious bars are the only ones on the market that don’t have chocolate all over them, don’t taste like “healthy cardboard”, aren’t over priced & not sugary sweet. They contain sufficient real fiber to satisfy the digestive system. Everyone I’ve talked to love them! Please, please don’t discontinue selling them.

  4. eileen moran-smith

    I agree. I can not figure why they were with cookies. It is really difficult to find the perfect blend of fiber and these had it.

  5. Marianne Arkeat

    These have been missing at my stores in Albuquerque. Please bring them back!

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