Trader Joe’s Korean-Inspired Pork Shoulder Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Korean-Inspired Pork Shoulder Reviews

  1. Sue

    I fell in love with the Korean Pork at TJ’S when they were giving out samples, so I bought a right then, everyone loved the fantastic flavor. When I would go to TJ’S I would pick up a few so I would always have them on hand, they would run out of them quite often. Much to my dismay they stopped carrying it. PLEASE, PLEASE, get them back in stock.

  2. Michelle Post

    Please get it back.. Love the tacos and slaw.

  3. Jay Farrell

    Also here to say bring this back. This was my favorite TJ’s mail course of all time. It’s been gone for about 2 years and I still look for it every time I shop.

  4. Jay Farrell

    typo; I meant main course in my previous comment. 🙂

  5. cmenichini

    One of our favs….please bring it back!!!


    I know if you haven’t brought it back by now, you probably never will. But I still talk about this because it was my favorite!!!
    I’m sure if you brought it back it would sell like crazy. Just sayin…

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