Trader Joe’s Beef en Croute Bites Reviews

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Beef and mushroom in puff pastry, sold in the frozen section.


1 review for Trader Joe’s Beef en Croute Bites Reviews

  1. Lisa P

    Decided to try these from our local Trader Joe’s. Heated in the oven, for longer than the recommended 14 minutes, we went 20 minutes to get a golden brown. After cooling, the first bite …. the crust is flaky and nice, the filling was a little muted in flavor, but I did get the beefy and mushroom taste. What I didn’t like was the chunks of gristle in the filling … you know like beef chewing gum pieces? Overall it was decent, but what made this way better was I broke open each puff exposing the filling and I added a little MSG to it … Oh wow, night and day difference, this was way better now! Yes, nothing wrong with MSG, it’s in all kinds of ready made foods and canned soups. I’d buy this again!

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