Trader Joe’s Turkey & Stuffing En Croute Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey & Stuffing En Croute Reviews

  1. Ani

    so good

  2. Suzan Cioffi

    What a happy surprise stumbling upon this product. I was hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering and did not have the time to do a full-blown turkey prep. This dish was extremely easy to prepare… just cut open the bag and place the log on tin foil. Place it in the oven with four washed and tin-foil wrapped sweet potatoes and in one hour with the veggie of your choice, you have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We paired this with pre-cut brussel sprouts in their microwavable pan from Trader Joe’s, drizzled a little olive oil and honey and ound we had overall perfection! The turkey was moist and well-seasoned with a delicious cornbread stuffing and and en route which tasted like a mix of mashed potatoes and light filo dough. The turkey log en croûte cut easily into four hearty portions (after you let it stand 7-8 minutes after baking).

    Although the package says it is supposed to feed eight, I think eight portions world have been bird-sized. For four, the portions were hearty. Thank you Trader Joe’s for creating such a delicious and EASY Thanksgiving turkey dinner for those of us who like to enjoy the holiday without slaving away the entire day in the kitchen cooking. And, oh yes, there was a small portion of tasty, tangy cranberry sauce and a small portion of a nice low-salt light gravy included in the package. This product is a real winner. I want to go right out tomorrow to buy two more of these to stick in my freezer for entertaining emergencies!

  3. Linda D

    I was very excited to try this product for an easy dinner for my son and daughter-in-law.
    I am a BIG fan of Trader Joe’s. I have been happy with nearly everything I’ve tried.
    This dish was a huge disappointment. I am writing this review because I am hoping somebody who is actually thinking of this for Thanksgiving will give it a second thought.
    My son, who is a very good cook, put it perfectly. It is a one-note dish. It has turkey, stuffing and pastry and yet the only flavor is sage ( or poultry seasoning) . It is overpowering. We each tried a little, and then did something I hate to do. We threw the rest out!
    Nobody was interested in having any more. I despise wasting food so this should be an indication of how disappointed we were with this. Sorry Trader Joe’s.

  4. ALICE

    Overall I liked this but it had an overwhelming peppercorn taste and I like pepper. Thankfully it was not with every bite and perhaps it was the one we bought as other reviews did not mention it. Loved the stuffing and sauces. I would try it again. It is more like 4 servings.

  5. Patti Everett

    “Serves 8” is completely deceptive and false. Trader Joe’s – if you continue to offer this product, it only serves 4, especially since the end portions are full of crust and short on meat and stuffing. The gravy and cranberry sauce portions are also very small and only serve 3 generous, or 4 skimpy servings. Please get rid of this product or fix it! Sadly, I served it for Thanksgiving, but at least there were only two of us. I buy a lot of frozen meals from T.J.’s, and am seldom disappointed.

  6. V Katzman

    Where’s the meat? Very small piece of breast, too much gluey stuffing. Flavor was okay.

  7. Katy

    It tasted like sausage. I am not sure what the flavor was but it was a big disappointment in this house.

  8. Kai

    Mainly tasted like sage/herbs. The meat was barely there….where’s the turkey? No one liked it at my house. One family member called it “weird” and my Mother said it was awful. Gravy packet too small, same with the cran sauce. Too much croute, invisible turkey. What a disappointment. Never again.

  9. Patricia Young-Nicklin

    This was delicious. The turkey was moist and the filling was very tasty. I bought two for a group of 5, which worked out well. We had a few leftovers for the next day. The ends are mostly pastry so you really want to make sure everyone gets as close to a center piece as possible. I usually make a big turkey every year, but this year we were away and didn’t want all the fuss–this gave me time to enjoy the family and not worry about all the work of the big bird. Would do again. Thank you TJ’s–I really enjoyed this product!

  10. Georgette Koury

    Loved this!!

  11. rs

    I’d call this product a winner, with room for easy improvement.

    I am NOT a fan of stuffing/dressing/sauces, but this product is fanTAStic! We bought 3, then 3 more, than 1 more, now they are gone for the season, alas.

    The flavors, Rosemary & Herbes de Provence with lavender, complement the cornbread stuffing and turkey surprisingly well. We found the bread crust is just the right flavor, texture, and thickness.

    The oven does need to be at 375 for this to cook properly – a thermometer is useful here.

    Room for improvement though – as several others note, the turkey length reaches maybe 2/3 of the roll, so the product yields only 4-6 servings. There is about 2″ of just croute and stuffing on each end, but oh so tasty!

    We’d like to see the product use more turkey, and definitely remove the chunk of gristle in the middle.

    Also, we’re looking for sustainable packing material, please! Maybe roll it in the parchment paper it is to be cooked on, and seal it in waxed paper? At the least reduce the huge excess plastic extending past the seals all around.

    Actively watching for this product’s return!

  12. Jennifer Utter

    I bought this to trouble shoot for my daughter’s friendsgiving. Flavor is great but no matter what I did I could not get the dough to cook through. We did over 2 hours and the dough was still raw inside. Sad to say I cannot recommend this product. I have a calibrated Wolf wall oven.

  13. Ron Shore

    Taste-wise, this entree is a winner even though the sage is a little overwhelming. The two major issues I have is that there is not enough turkey so the end slices are mostly stuffing and dough. The entire roll serves two to three adults but no more unless each person gets one rather small slice. If there are four of you, I would cook two entire rolls so there is some left over.

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