Trader Joe’s Apple Crumble Pie Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Apple Crumble Pie Reviews

  1. Jose

    Great pie to pair with vanilla ice cream. Feels like a personally baked pie. Quite amazed.

  2. Medric Brauer

    Nauseatingly sweet. Apples were decent, but the goo and crumble were way too sweet.

  3. Anonymous

    Had a sample and it was really sweet.

  4. Alyssa

    Really good. Maybe too sweet on its own, but really good with vanilla ice cream.

  5. ronn

    too sweet for sure. didnt realize it had oats-this is more akin to a Cliff Bar then a pie.

    wont buy again. Had apple pie last yr at TJs and enjoyed it. Ill buy elsewhere in the future.

  6. Rowena Umipig-Matias

    I love this so much!! The oat crumble is perfect…so chewy and not too sweet at all.

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