Trader Joe’s Antiplaque Toothpaste Reviews

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93 reviews for Trader Joe’s Antiplaque Toothpaste Reviews

  1. Devon

    This is not bad at all – I love that it’s natural. One note, though – if you hate the taste of black licorice, then this isn’t for you, as fennel is very similar, so the after-taste is very black licorice-esque. If you don’t mind that, though, then this is a good toothpaste!

  2. Ramona

    I would like to know where the All Natural, no fluoride Antiplague toothpaste with fennel, propolis and Myrrh is made. Does it come from China?

  3. Linda Sprinkle

    I am so bummed that this toothpaste is discontinued, it was the thing that kept me driving out of my way to shop there ☹️

  4. CT Blair

    Why, why, why() have they discontinued my all time favorite (& natural) toothpaste?!?! I am feeling you Linda, big time. I fear I will be forever “settling” for a toothpaste just for the minimum amt. of toxins at a reasonable price. Even ones that boast “natural” throw in garbage…you have to shop with a computer to look up ingredients on all the posers out there and it’s more than daunting.

  5. Jo

    All Natural, no fluoride Antiplague toothpaste with fennel, propolis and Myrrh. PLEASE BRING IT BACK, AS THIS IS THE BEST TOOTHPASTE! IF IT IS MANUFACTURED IN CHINA OR ANOTHER COUNTRY, PLEASE MAKE IT IN THE USA.

  6. Don

    Yes, bring it back, I agree with all the comments above, I have been using this for more than 10 years. Why would you discontinue a good healthy product? My dentist even commented over the years how good my gums are for my age. You look at all the other “natural” substitutes and they either have more grit or other ingredients thrown in. Please bring it back.

  7. Sunny

    Wow, why continue a great thing if we all love it?

  8. Mac H.

    I’ve used this toothpaste for years and was so bummed when I recently returned to the US and found it was discontinued. I really prefer this taste to peppermint. Hoping to find something similar with another brand…


    This toothpaste kept my teeth healthy for years!!! Please bring it back!!!


    This toothpaste kept my teeth healthy for years!!! It kept me going back to the store!!
    Please bring it back!!! Even if you have to raise its price a buck! I tried your peppermint one and it tastes foul compared to Colgate’s!!

  11. Grace

    This is my favorite toothpaste!! PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jonannine Navraterry

    so bummed to hear the fennel propolis & myrrh toothpaste is discontinued!!!!
    At least there’s the Tom’s original version, which I’ve never tried.
    Trader Joe’s is not a fun store to get to and it’s usually a zoo in there, there’s only a few products that we buy there, but wine is one of them and we buy plenty.
    Any significant change to the Chuckie Shaw Shiraz and we’re done.

  13. Kristina M Lynch

    Please bring it back! Everything else out there leaves a film in our mouths. Why the heck would you discontinue the non fluoride one? Trying to kill us TJ?

  14. Pamela Riek

    Are you sure the Trader’s Fennel toothpaste is discontinued? Maybe it is just a lack of goods problem with the covid pandemic? I may have to start making my own tooth powder if they actually discontinue this stuff. I hate peppermint and other mints are even worse.

  15. Amay

    I love this tooth paste. I had gum problem, last time I saw the dentist He said what ever you are doing continue. I’m total off medication for gums because of the tooth paste. What do you suggest for us to use now that you discontinued our favorite natural toothpaste that actually works and helps keep you healthy?

  16. Brenda Lineberry

    I almost cried at Trader Joes in Alpharetta today. They have discontinued the fennel toothpaste that took me more than a year to discover. I cannot use other toothpastes and have tried everything including some very weird things. Please bring it back, please

  17. Anonymous

    I love this toothpaste.

  18. Gracia Gibson

    Please bring back the ANTIPLAQUE TOOTHPASTE that is my best ever! Don’t know why you stop selling! Your should bring it back!! I’ve been looking for a tooth paste to used but, can’t find any that I like! PLEASE! PLEASE!!

  19. Su

    Very good toothpaste. Now it is replaced with Toms’ which has terrible ingredients. Why is it discontinued?

  20. aiaichai

    BRING IT BACK!!!!! Why? Why would this excellent product end up on the discontinued chopping block??? Do we have to assume conspiracy? COME ON!!!

  21. Sergio

    Please bring it back! The Tom’s replacement doesn’t even compare and costs twice as much.

  22. burgman

    Please bring back the antiplaque toothpaste. Thank you

  23. LaVonne

    Please, please bring back the fennel anti plaque toothpaste, please!! I hate the taste of the peppermint one. I threw it out after using it a few times. I don’t understand why you would discontinue such a wonderful product!

  24. Anonymous

    Yes, please bring it back. I have been using it for decades and it’s heart breaking to not find it in store anymore.

  25. Karen

    I can’t believe that the fennel toothpaste is discontinued. All the mint ones taste plastic and fake after years of that.

    TJ just keeps discontinuing the products we like. The 3-4 remaining aren’t worth the drive to the store and the endless lines.

  26. Kathleen

    I really miss the fennel antiplaque toothpaste…it’s the only kind that makes my teeth happy without assaulting my tastebuds…please Good Trader….bring it back. A hard-to-find and very expensive substitute is Marvis from Italy…in the Ginger flavor. Might have to go back to Rome ❤️

  27. Patricia Dixon

    I cant BELIEVE TJS this!!! I also drove waay outta my way just for this toothpaste….please please pleasee bring it back, the peppermint blows.

  28. Sal

    Best anti-placed toothpaste ever, so bummed they don’t sell it no more yes please bring it back

  29. Anonymous

    Please bring it back. Really helped keep my teeth and gums healthy. A very good product. So popular, you know it will sell well. Worth bringing back, even if you need to raise the price a bit. Please consider!

  30. ChefDawn

    This toothpaste is amazing. Every dentist I see (only because I moved) is surprised and asks me what toothpaste I use. Please bring it back, I was told today it was discontinued because it was a low seller. TJ diehards need to start an uprising. There are ALot of us who shop the non-food personal care items. I say go buy more of everything you like (just like I do since I live so far away from locations) and show TJ our buying power. Give the extra things you like to friends!
    Bring this toothpaste back! No excuses!

  31. Lonnie Hogenmiller

    This toothpaste is a tj product tha t makes trader Joe’s a cut above all other stores , please bring this toothpaste back!!

  32. Anonymous

    This toothpaste is just amazing! Please bring it back.

  33. VW

    So so disappointed to find this toothpaste discontinued. It’s the ONLY one we like. Please please please bring it back !!!

  34. Judy

    What a disappointment to have this toothpaste discontinued! Sure hope you will get it back as is my favorite!!

  35. Joy

    PLEASE BRING THIS TOOTHPASTE (with Fennel, Propylis and Myrrh) BACK. I’ve been using it for as far back as I can remember and I have great teeth. I hate the taste of the only other toothpaste you carry…. peppermint … and think I might be developing an allergy to this one. PLEASE!

  36. Beth

    I always make a point to stop at Trader’s Joe’s for the fennel toothpaste. My shock,they only had Tom’s which I really dislike. I have used the fennel toothpaste from TJ for 10 years now. I guess there is no reason to go hours out of my way to stock up anymore. Bring it back and I have a reason to be in your store. Then I purchase other things. Good marketing plan. This toothpaste is the best!

  37. Anonymous


  38. Anonymous

    This happened years ago and they brought it back….Please, bring it back again!!!!

  39. Genevieve

    Why oh why would you discontinue the fennel toothpaste? We love it so much and I’ve been using it forever! Please please please reconsider.✌️

  40. Karen Louise Johnston

    I’ve been using this toothpaste for years, and sent shipments to my family in Alaska since my young grandchildren love it too. I can’t believe Trader Joe discontinued such a wonderful, long term item, and the only toothpaste I am willing to drive 17 miles to purchase since we don’t have Trader Joe in my town. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back. There is nothing out there that compares.

  41. Anonymous

    Just like all the other loyalists to this toothpaste, my family absolutely LOVES it. I too was incredibly bummed to learn it has been discontinued. Please, please, please bring it back!!!

  42. ASL

    I really liked it. My teeth did feel better. Yes my +1 for bringing it back.

  43. Emperor Jones

    Please, Please, Please bring back this toothepaste, even if you only sell it online. Yours is waaaaaay better than Tom’s and more affordable. Since we started on this toothepaste 10 years ago NO ONE in our family has ever gotten a cavity! This is/was the best toothepaste EVER and it was flouride free.

  44. Donna J

    This is the absolute best toothpaste EVER! I am so disappointed it’s been discontinued and would love to know why as according to all these glowing reviews above mine I’m not alone in my opinion. I hope they decide to bring it back

  45. Magda Ziver

    Very upset to learn that Trader Joe’s has discontinued the Fennel toothpaste. WHY??
    IT IS THE ONLY ONE I HAVE USED FOR YEARS. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. TOM’S Fennel is not the same. Please let me know your decision.

  46. M. Ziver

    I am sending another review to find out what all of the other reviewers above who are disappointed with Trader Joe’s decision to discontinue the Fennel toothpaste can do to convince TJ to bring back the Fennel toothpaste.

  47. Carina

    Like everyone else, is saying; please bring back the fennel tooth paste, it’s the best! PLEASE!

  48. PJ

    Yes – TJ’s, PLEASE bring back your Fennel, Propolis & Myrrh toothpaste – people who use it do so because it is uniquely effective and natural, and prefer it over Tom’s of Maine.

  49. Tree

    Why has this toothpaste been discontinued? I’ve used it for years and love it so much! I’m so, so sorry to see it go. Please tell us what’s going on.

  50. Jean M Langendorf

    Please, please bring it back!! I was shocked to see it gone from the shelf….. it has been my go to toothpaste for years…. I’d go out my way to get it… Please!!!

  51. Lila Jones

    Please bring this back. I almost cried in the Boulder, CO. store when the employee told me it was discontinued. I’ve been using this for years, and haven’t had one single cavity. I love this stuff.

  52. Susan Zipin

    I have not found a good replacement after the loss of TJ’s fennel toothpaste. Saddened by this loss, as others are stating.
    I would appreciate a way to be able to check in on products that are about to be discontinued — I’d go in and buy more before the item is gone. Maybe a page on the TJ’s website please?

  53. Jo A Buzulencia

    I am bummed to find out that TJs fennel toothpaste is discontinued. This is my favorite!!!!!!!! No peppermint for me.

  54. Valeeie

    Please bring this toothpaste back. It has been very beneficial !!

  55. Carol Jones

    Me too!!!! I drove out of the way to go to Trader Joe’s just for this toothpaste and would also buy other things when there. I have been using this toothpaste for years and I am so disappointed to learn that it’s been discontinued!! Please please please bring it back!!

  56. SH

    Just FYI everyone, Tom’s of Maine (which TJ’s also sells) makes a Flouride-Free Propolis and Myrrh toothpaste in a Fennel flavor, and it’s exactly the same. I’m pretty sure they must’ve co-packed that toothpaste for Trader Joe’s, so if you’re looking for an alternative to this awesome toothpaste, check that one out! I was so bummed too when I saw they had discontinued it, which is why I went toothpaste hunting for something similar. Hopefully this helpful info if they don’t bring it back!

  57. Mary Imagine

    My favorite toothpaste. And now it’s gone?!?

  58. Kathleen Mulvey

    At my last dental check up and cleaning, I was asked what toothpaste I was using, as my teeth were unusually clean and free of plaque. I responded, “Trader Joe’s Fennel Toothpaste”, and both the dentist and the dental hygienist were impressed. Now I cannot find it in either of the Trader Joe’s I shop at, and I am DEVASTATED!!! I found out it is no longer available. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it BACK!!!!!

  59. Ken

    Please bring Trader Joe’s fennel toothpaste back, my whole family has been using the toothpaste for many years. I hope you will reconsider discontinuing this quality product.

  60. Maria

    Just discovered they discontinued this toothpaste. I only go to Trader Joe’s for this toothpaste alone! Please bring it back!

  61. Mike

    Bring it back, please! Nothing else compares and they all taste like paste.

  62. Joanne

    The TJs fennel toothpaste has been our family’s favorite toothpaste for years!! We are all so disappointed to learn it has been discontinued. PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  63. Sue

    Oh no! Just went to Trader Joe’s for my favorite toothpaste and found out it was discontinued. I add my voice to the others asking for to be made available again.

  64. Sue

    The site didn’t want to publish my following comment because it said it was duplicative. Wonder how many others weren’t published because of that.
    Oh no! Just went to Trader Joe’s for my favorite toothpaste and found out it was discontinued. I add my voice to the others asking for to be made available again.

  65. Louise

    PLEEEEASE bring it back. I’ve tried the Tom’s fennel toothpaste and it’s awful. Leaves an aftertaste in my mouth like stinky socks all day long, worse than if I didn’t brush. I can’t use peppermint toothpaste. This is the only toothpaste I can use and now it’s gone………………

  66. Marj Hahne

    SO bummed that this toothpaste has been discontinued. It’s the only product I’ve bought faithfully, no matter if I could score other brands for less or on sale.

  67. Shelly Werner

    Please reconsider bringing this toothpaste back. It is my favorite, I’ve used for at least 10 years. My teeth, mouth, thyroid, and the dentist love this toothpaste. Great flavor, scrubs great, without fluoride or lauryl suffiate. Please bring back for my dental and thyroid health!

  68. lauren A jarvis

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE FENNEL AND Propolis toothpaste!!!!!

  69. Andrea Scheingross

    The fennel, myrrh and propolis toothpaste was the only toothpaste that didn’t cause problems with my mouth, so I am beyond disappointed that it has been discontinued. I can’t use mint or fluoride pastes and the fruity kids’ pastes don’t work for me. I’m a retired dental hygienist and used to recommend the Trader Joe’s paste. Please bring it back.

  70. John Schweitzer

    Fennel toothpaste really, really really needs to come back on the shelf, heck charge twice as much. That product has no substitute. I cried to when the manager told me it was discontinued 4 months ago….

  71. P. Dittoe

    Yes, I’m repeating what others are begging for – please bring back this toothpaste!

  72. Anonymous

    Bring it back

  73. Anonymous

    Hurry up and carry it again!@#

  74. La

    So disappointed today…no FPM toothpaste, the only toothpaste I have used for years! I told the checkout person it was my last trip to trader joes…so out of my way but would go fir toothpaste alone & pick up other items…they should post a note on shelf so all who use know it’s not just ‘ out of stock’. I have no social media but someone needs to kick off campaign right now to bring back! Searched 4 stores – all have mint or created with kid flavors – ugh! I’ll come back trader,big you bring it back. By the way, cheese yogurt was a bitter lose as well

  75. Nori

    Love the toothpaste! Please bring it back – the way it was!!!

  76. Nori

    Love the fennel toothpaste! It’s all natural, which is what everyone needs! Please bring it back – the way it was!!!

  77. Kari E

    It’s the only toothpaste I’ve used for the last ten years and one of the main things that kept me making the hour plus trip to a Trader Joe’s. Having run out of my back-stash, I just learned, much to my dismay, that it has been discontinued and now, find myself at a loss for my toothpaste future. Seeing all the reviews (as I try desperately to source more) and disappointment at its discontinuance, I am also confused as to why it’s gone.

  78. Joe

    The manager in Louisville said it was discontinued due to low sales volume. That’s hard to imagine when the shelves had few left when we would get there, and buy several at each visit, traveling an hour round trip. Perhaps the shipment of supplies is on one of those 1000 ships abandoned offshore in California, thanks to … well, you know. Unfortunately, this has nixed further visits to Trader Joe’s. It may have been the loss-leader that perked a lot of us to shop there. Great people, by the way. Shopped there for decades, even when some of our favorites were discontinued. Tom’s has what appears to be an equivalent at over twice the price. Perhaps Tom’s is the original source, though likely made in Asia now and branded Tom’s or TJs.

  79. Deneen

    Loved this toothpaste for so many years. Sad to see it discontinued, but happy I found another toothpaste I like “Hello”. Easy to find also.

  80. Colleen Burnette

    Yes please bring it back. First dental appointment in years that I did not have a bad plaque build up!!! Please restock!!!!!

  81. Geriko Burdock

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! I was so disappointed to find it was discontinued when I went in for my annual stock up. Please bring this one back!!!

  82. Mark W.

    There’s no replacement for the TJ’s fennel toothpaste. Return it to the shelves Joe!

  83. Anonymous

    Best toothpaste hands down, please bring it back!!!
    And now that I’m at it, bring back the chocolate ganache cake dammit!!!

  84. Deb Conley

    I am so incredibly disappointed that this toothpaste has been discontinued. We have used it for years. Please bring bring it back!

  85. Ruth Franklin

    The best toothpaste ever. Please bring it back.

  86. Gini

    Why, O, Why!!??
    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!! I will not buy any other toothpaste from you until you BRING THIS BACK!

  87. Nancy K

    I agree, I have been using this toothpaste for several years. I suffered from canker sores for years, and my dental hygienist told me to find a toothpaste without lauryl sulfite, I found this TJ’s Antiplaque Toothpaste and have had not had any trouble with canker sores since using it. TJ’s PLEASE consider returning this to your shelves! I have found other brands but twice the price and less amount! Thank you for listening to your customers!

  88. Bonnie

    Please bring this toothpaste back. I used it for years! It is the best ever for my mouth! Kept gums and teeth healthy and kept my mouth from getting irritated and burned by the toxic Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)that is in most toothpastes. That’s all that Tom’s has in theirs…Your replacement toothpaste is Tom’s “Anti-Plaque” brand and it is Junk! it has SLS and burns my mouth big time….PLEASE!! I LOVED your Trader Joe’s Antiplaque. I would even love if it was peppermint. Try the same ingredients but with Peppermint instead of fennel (although i loved the fennel). But maybe peppermint flavor is more popular!

  89. Bonnie

    P.S…I am returning the Tom’s Antiplaque. It was terrible and irritated my mouth Big Time

  90. Nancy Mallen

    I am so incredibly disappointed that this toothpaste has been discontinued. I have used it for years. Please bring bring it back! PLEASE!

  91. Suzy

    I haven’t liked most toothpastes since I was a kid and this is my all time favorite. Please bring this back. I seriously can’t imagine trying to find a replacement for the fennel toothpaste!

  92. Sam

    Disappointed to know that that this toothpaste has been discontinued. I have used it for years without any cavities. Please bring bring it back! PLEASE Please

  93. Annie Stamford

    I was in shock when I learned my favorite toothpaste has been discontinued. The fennel toothpaste has gotten me through so many years of struggling with a sensitive mouth that can’t tolerate the peppermint In other brands. Plus it does an excellent job of cleaning my teeth without all the added chemicals. Please consider bringing it back!

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