Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel Reviews

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A gel made with aloe vera concentrate.

27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel Reviews

  1. Emily

    Should have read the ingredients before picking up this one. Heavily fragranced–I don’t know why, since plain aloe Vera has little to no fragrance to cover (just a slight grassy scent.) It feels okay on skin at first, but within minutes my skin turns red and inflamed. Pure aloe doesn’t do that to me.

    It’s cheap, but not worth it. Find aloe without sketchy ingredients like “fragrance” (which an be just about anything) and you’ll be a lot happier.

  2. Nate

    This aloe was great.

    Then they added scent.

    I didn’t know they changed the recipe and I now have 4 bottles of aloe that smell worse than my neighbor’s dog.

    Bring back the unscented goodness!

    I couldn’t leave 0 stars, so it gets 1.

  3. Patrick Kee

    I agreed with the other posters. They had changed this aloe vera to add scent and other recipe. It’s horrible and very disappointing. I used to buy 4-6 bottle at a time and use it for everything from face to body. I cannot even use it on my body now with this new scent. Please bring back the old pure aloe vera gel.

  4. Anita Martin

    I knew something changed my skin does not look or feel the same. I should have know because there was a slight change in the label. It’s obvious the perfume added leaves a dull impression on my face and I’m glad I purchased one bottle at a time. I had to rate with at least one start to submit, no stars for the perfume added.

  5. Mauli shah

    I am from india, I picked up trader joes aloe vera gel this summer when I visited usa. Ioved their store. This gel works great on my skin and it’s unscented!!

  6. Susan

    So disappointed that fragrance was added. Not even a pleasant one.

  7. Lisa B

    So disappointed. Why would you change this awesome product?

  8. Bonnie C.

    I stopped buying it too.
    Hello? Trader Joe’s, are you listening?
    Please get rid of the dye and scent.

    Thank you,

  9. Bonnie C.

    Hello? Trader Joe’s, are you listening?
    Please lose the dye and scent so I can buy it again.

    Thanks you,

  10. Sandra J Lauria

    I,too, stopped buying this new perfumed version of TJ’s
    aloe vera gel. Loved the old recipe and picked up a bottle every shopping trip. Please bring it back sans scent.

  11. Mike

    Great product, great price, and I really don’t care about the scent… though some buyers seem to. Only issue is that my store cannot keep this stuff on the shelves.

  12. Emerald S.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed the change. This product used to be my Holy Grail go to for my acne and moisturizing my natural hair. Now with the fragrance and new formula, I’m BEYOND disappointed and truly hope they go back to the original formula. My skin hasn’t been the same (acne/hyper pigmentation has resurfaced) and I’m just truly saddened…. If the original formula isn’t revived, I’ll have to find another product elsewhere.

  13. Loren Gaffin

    Truly disappointed that TJ’s no longer carries Aloe Vera Gel in their stores. Loved it on my face for the moisture for over 5 years. Inowhave nothing. Whole Foods’ Aloe Vera Gel has to be refrigerated in order to be effective. TJ’s please bring it back!

  14. Geoff

    I too am at a loss. I used TJ’s Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer all over, as a hair gel, as a shaving primer on my tough beard, around the eyes after swimming, skiing, skating, on my kids scrapes and sunburns. Just looked to pick up a couple bottles as usual, when they told me it was discontinued I couldn’t believe it. Best product out there since the days of Beachcomber Budd’s. If anyone knows of another one that performs like this without flaking please post!

  15. Vladimir

    Please bring this product back to the shelves, scent or no scent! This was the only product saving me from skin allergy, other aloe products not even close in performance to TJ’s one!

  16. Geoff

    It’s back! Thank you for listening. We can dump the dozen or so other brands of aloe vera gel we’ve been sampling in the trash! And thank you kindly for selling it at the same fantastic price as before!

  17. Jules

    This gel is my holy grail summer body moisturizer and everyday facial moisturizer! The ingredients are the best I’ve found in an aloe vera gel so far and it being fragrance-free is just icing on the cake. I’m never using anything else on my skin as long as this product stays on shelves as-is!

  18. Melissa

    Now what? We’ve been looking to stock up again in recent months, only to find the small tube of an alcohol laced version at first, back in late August. It left a residue. As of now, even that is nowhere to be found. We love the big green bottles for all over non-sticky skin moisturizer that works on the whole family, nothing else performs as well!!!

  19. Tracy

    Great! Couldn’t find any in the store! Asked a worker and she looked for me then asked manager. They said it was seasonal. ? Hope this is true! Love the stuff! Will have to look for something temporary for the dry skin in the winter. Ugh.

  20. Zuzanna

    Can’t believe it. One of life’s great finds nowhere to be found. We’ve tried other brands but nothing else works, even tried harvesting the gel right out of our aloe plants. Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel is magic in a bottle. My acne prone teens swear by it as a facial moisturizer. My husband shaves with it. I use it all over after showering. No other brand works. My sister found some recently in the Pacific Northwest, had her Fedex me six bottles. Hope Tracy is right, we’ll ration out the precious stuff until spring and see what happens!

  21. Sherry

    Love, love, love this Aloe Vera Gel from Trader Joe’s!! It’s the best out there. Great for using as an all over moisturizer.

  22. Carol

    I want Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel back on the shelves in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. It is the best out there for moisturizing. But, because of the above reviews I agree to leave out the fragrance and all the bad stuff.

  23. Anonymous

    Really want this product to be back. It worked so perfectly for my daughter’s skin. Tried many other products. But this one worked the best.

  24. Anonymous

    Can you please just have it year round not only in summer?

  25. swissik

    I too am hugely disappointed not to find the aloe gel in the tubes. Was told by a worker that this product was seasonal and right now is not the season. I’ve purchased this for years and was never aware that it was seasonal but then I probably didn’t run out while TJs was out. Have not tried the gel in the bottle because I prefer the tube.
    On another subject, I was thoroughly bummed when the Vit. C crystals in the 1# container was discontinued. Had bought that for years too and know of a number of people in my circles that purchased it too.

    My family gave up on TJ milk purchases. It seems that no matter how far ahead the use by date is, it never fails that milk has to be thrown out because it goes bad even before the date. Yes we are aware of refrigeration and we do not leave milk out, we just take what we need and place it back in fridge. Never happens with milk from other stores whether organic or regular. Thanks for listening.

    Ruth Kaempf, Los Altos, CA

  26. TJ-Customer

    I really like their aloe vera gel… great product, great price! After learning it is only stocked seasonally, I now buy several during the warm summer months to last me all year. However, today (June 2021) when I went in to the store they were completely out. I was told they are currently changing suppliers and “any day now” the new aloe vera gel product will be available on the shelves. However, they couldn’t give me any dates of availability, so I’ll have to keep checking back. Fortunately I still have three bottles in reserve at home…

  27. Jorge

    the new scented aloe Vera is horrible and far less quality than the previous one. My skin does not heal with this one. I m returning the item.

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