Trader Joe’s Almond Danish Pastry Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Almond Danish Pastry Reviews

  1. Cynthia M.

    Love the flavors and texture!

  2. John J

    This pastry is a blessing from God. SUBTLE SWEETNESS AND NICE TEXTURE .

  3. Maureen

    so delicious. Love the sweet almond flavor and the pastry consistency.

  4. Atlantic Pacific

    Unfortunately the size of this item has been increased even while its quality has been reduced. I write at the end of July, 2019. Much less almond paste and fewer almond slivers than previously with a thicker dough. Makes me sad – I would have paid more for the original, now this isn’t really worth a purchase.

  5. Julie

    This is my all time favorite sweet treat from TJ’s. I find myself cutting a piece from it EVERY time I walk by the kitchen…so so good. I do think it has changed slightly in the last year. It does seem to have less almond paste filling and not as much “sugary/almond slivers” on the topping, but I still love them all the same.

  6. Kelly Gandorf

    Someone please fucking tell me how AN EIGHT OF THIS is close to 300 calories? I ate a 4th which is a totally reasonable portion and that was 600 calories. For what? 5 bites of a pastry? Insane. This is not worth the calories.

  7. Carsten

    I’m a Dane. I grew up enjoying Danish pastry. This almond ring is great! Hope Joe’s continues carrying this product.

  8. Felicia is Baton Rouge

    I love this danish pastry. I am sad that it has been discontinued. Can we get a recipe at least?

  9. Rory

    Delicious! Flaky and airy, and not too sweet.

  10. Mair

    Although my health is better when I avoid gluten, every now and then I splurge for this HEAVENLY treat! I love that the first ingredient is NOT sugar, and for a dessert, it’s not that unhealthy. I highly recommend trying it!

  11. Anonymous

    so good

  12. Julie S.

    Quality on this has really gone downhill. Does TJ ever check to see how drastic the taste/texture changes in things. There’s very little almond flavor now (hardly any almond filling/paste inside), the dough/bread has increased dramatically so it tastes a lot like a simple bread dough thats slightly sweet. Gone are the sugared almonds on top, gone is the dense layer of almost filling, gone is the distinct almond flavor/taste. I cut a piece off if it (about 1/6 of the circle) and there was not ANY almond flavor to it. Dont think I will buy it again. It used to be so great years ago, but now its just a bunch of dough.

  13. Margaret

    Love it! Love it! Love it! For those of us who do not have a decent bakery in town, this is the closest thing to a delicious sweet roll.

  14. Pat B

    I had something like this on a cruise ship. So delicious when i found it at Trader Joes so very happy. Everyone loves it. I want to order on line if possible for friends who cannot get this

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