Trader Joe’s Almond Ring Danish Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Almond Ring Danish Reviews

  1. Frederic

    Too bad this TJ Almond Ring Danish is so inconsistent. One out of 10 is a good moist one. The others are a pure rip-off, dry and with no almond filling.
    I never returned them before but from now on, I decided I will keep buying them and return them if they are dry.
    At $4.99 each, it is a rip-off if you sell only dough.

  2. Ann

    Is delicious …!
    I bought one on March 22,2021
    I wanted to come back for more
    I’d recommend it

  3. Ta rach

    Ong sooo delish! I could eat the whole thing in a day. Yum!!!

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