Trader Joe’s 85% Dark Chocolate from Uganda Reviews

(15 customer reviews)

From Western Uganda.


15 reviews for Trader Joe’s 85% Dark Chocolate from Uganda Reviews

  1. Darren

    One of the best mid-80% dark chocolate bars I’ve tasted. Enjoyed the fruity undertone it has.

  2. Jon

    Probably the best chocolate in the world. Great texture with light fruit undertones. While it is 85% cocoa, it is not too bitter like others.

  3. Tusingwire Amos

    Good fravour and test

  4. Ed Mikolon

    I agree with Darren, especially about the fruity undertones. This is my favorite dark chocolate!

  5. Kristin Harrington

    Obsessed with this chocolate bar!

  6. Joanne

    Currently my favorite go-to chocolate! Love the lo-sugar, hi-flavor!! Deliciously intense but not overly. My only concern… it says Partnership between Italian Chocolatier & Ugandan farmers, but is it Fair Trade? Please help, an important concern for guilt-free chocolate enjoyment, now that we know about the slavery & child labor involved.

  7. Krissy

    I love the taste & quality!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Tastes wonderful, but does it contain high levels of lead and cadmium like other TJ’s bars?

  9. Miller

    I liked the taste and the cacao percentage. Unfortunately, I felt sick twice after eating a few pieces. This rarely happens to me. I looked at the ingredient list and noticed the high level of added sugars and saturated fat.
    And there is a sugary flavor that does not seem natural to dark chocolate. So I will take this product back for a refund.

  10. Ruth

    How about a response to the lead and cadmium question, please? Send to email!

  11. Francisco Watkins

    Does anyone know if high levels of lead and cadmium are an issue with their Uganda 85% bars?

  12. Cornelius McCormick, Jr

    It is the best Dark Chocolate out there. Please bring it back to TJ !!!

  13. Karis

    I love this chocolate so much! I traveled 1 1/2 hours to our nearest Trader Joe’s to get some more – and they were gone! Please bring it back!!!!!

  14. Emily

    Please bring this back! I am devastated that its gone. This bar was the main thing that got me into TJs regularly. Its by far the best dark chocolate out there!

  15. Brian

    Once again, somehing that you can’t get anywhere else that we bought a lot of has been discontinued by TJs. This is getting ridiculous. Every time I go in they’ve discountinued something else I buy.
    How about the Honey Poppyseed salad dressing? GONE! Honey-coated sliced almonds? GONE!
    Yet they keep selling fake meat!

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