Montezuma’s Absolute Black 100% Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Reviews

(98 customer reviews)

These go in and out of stock a lot, and vary by specific Trader Joe’s locations. But they haven’t been discontinued!


98 reviews for Montezuma’s Absolute Black 100% Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Reviews

  1. Ray

    Great taste and floror. The cocoa nibs are a bonus.

  2. Lisa A Runquist

    Absolutely the best! Very disappointed that TJs decided to stop selling it.

  3. Leesa Inman

    I love this chocolate, but haven’t been able to find it in your stores lately. Please bring it back.

  4. Angela

    This was my favorite!! It is impossible to find sugar free chocolate, this was so smooth and delicious. I wish it would return to stores!

  5. Don silvers

    Finally, a chocolate without any sugar. The chocolate nibs give it some nice texture.

  6. Jerry

    Absolutely awesome. Trader Joe’s needs to keep this product on their shelf. Tastes so good you think there is sugar in it. Delicious!

  7. Erika

    Love this! It is the absolute best! There is nothing like it anywhere else! I hope my store continues to carry it! Please keep it in the Temecula store!!

  8. Roberta Sigala

    Two thumbs up!
    Please continue to sell this chocolate bar.

  9. Joy

    Love it! It doesn’t contain sugar, dairy, or soy–just chocolate. The nibs are an added plus. It’s best to consume it with something that is naturally sweet. Sometimes I have difficulty finding it in stores because I never see it with the other chocolates on the floor isle. I see it only at the checkout stands and not at all checkout stands.

  10. Dawn

    Absolutely THE best! Finally, someone gets it!

  11. Kristina

    Totally addicted to this chocolate!

  12. Karen

    I love to eat it with fruit. So yummy

  13. Valerie

    Soooo chocolatey and delicious! My usual is Ghirardelli Intense Dark – 86% cacao. When I saw this 100% chocolate bar, I wondered if it would be like eating bakers chocolate, which is NOT pleasant, but this is every bit as delicious as the Ghirardelli, without any of the sugar. It has a wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth texture, too. This exact same chocolate bar is being sold on Amazon for $16.99. For ONE bar. Thank heaven for Trader Joe’s, where I paid $2.49. I’m going back tomorrow to buy more!

  14. Anonymous

    Hard to find . . . great for the no sugar crowd!

  15. Tia

    This chocolate is SO good. I wish I could buy it on line at an affordable price!

  16. Anna

    Please please please bring this item back! It is impossible to find a replacement. I eat one if not two bars of this a week and am heartbroken that it’s not on the shelves anymore.

  17. Alex DJ

    I’ve bought this in the NorCal stores very recently and absolutely love it!! Yes, an awesome chocolate bar withOUT any sugar! Full of good stuff AND chocolate….who knew you really could eat chocolate and not feel guilty?!

  18. Robin

    This 100% cocoa dark chocolate is the best! So delicious and no added sugar. So glad it is back in stock at my local trader joe’s! It’s my new favorite!

  19. Doris

    Best dark chocolate I have ever had!!! Please keep it available!!!

  20. Don

    Not only the best but the healthiest Chocolate bar ever. I can no longer find it at Trader’s Joe’s. I notice I can find it on Ebay for double the price at Joe’s. I am hoping that Trader Joe’s will create their own competitive 100% Dark Chocolate bar without sugar to replace this product. There is a MARKET for it. Are you listening, Joe? Thanks,

  21. Nick

    Oh my GOD!!!! WOW!!!! I may go right back to the store to buy all I can afford to stock up!!!!! Pure Ambrosia!

  22. Erin Woodbury

    SOOOO Good! It’s crazy that a 100% dark chocolate can be this good on its own with no sugar. But it’s true. Just a little piece a day keeps the cravings at bay.

  23. Carter H.

    I noticed that a lot of reviews reference it no longer being sold in stores, but I regularly see it at stores in California! At the stores I’ve been to, it’s at the checkout stand. It’s unreal that this doesn’t have sugar in it and still tastes good.

  24. Dana

    Omg! I just found this at my Trader Joe’s tonight. I LOVE it!! Tastes so good and NO sugar, dairy or soy! I’ve been looking for this for a loooong time. Going back tomorrow to buy more.

  25. Vanessa S.

    Fabulous chocolate – shame it wasn’t in stock this week… it’s a great stress reliever with what’s going on right now… and has no sugar, no dairy and no soy.

  26. monica M sharp

    My favorite chocolate bar. Two squares and I feel really good.

  27. Nancy Riccomini

    This is one of the best and healthiest item that Trader Joe’s has ever stocked. I’m soooo disappointed that they stopped offering it.

    Please, please, bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Monk

    Excellent. Is this really being discontinued? If so, please reconsider that.

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  31. Julia

    I having been buying this every week (with almonds) since TJs started carrying in. Sooooooooo sad they decided to discontinue it. 🙁

  32. Wendy Richter

    Why has Trader Joe’s discontinued this chocolate (with almonds)? I have been buying it every week or so – and there was always a good supply on the shelves. Tonight, not a single bar. So sad when favorites are discontinued. (Other discontinued favorites: morello cherries and quinoa pesto)

  33. MNC

    OMG, HAVE they decided to stop selling it? (Anyone tweeted this question at them?) I was told by someone in a NorCal store who looked it up that there was a supply chain issue, not available. Wonder what is the truth

  34. Chris S.

    I still see this at my local Trader Joe’s location every time I go! I bought one just last week. So it doesn’t sound like they’ve discontinued it in general; maybe there’s a shortage in some areas?

  35. MNC

    So folks — the TJs that a week or two ago told me the Montezuma bars were unavailable (I’m in NorCal) because of a SUPPLY CHAIN-type problem were giving it to me straight. It was NOT discontinued. Stopped by two hours ago and there were plenty — must admit I bought a bunch Just In Case. So keep an eye out, this is NOT a discontinued product.

  36. Fallopia Tuba

    I hope these bars are fair-trade; I’ve been searching the web to find out if Montezuma’s products are, and the best I can come up with is “seems legit.”

    That said, I try to keep a few on hand, because it is my go-to chocolate bar.

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  39. Solomon W.

    This is indeed the best. Amazing flavor and texture. The nibs are a bonus and add thickness to the bar. It is available in Seattle – U-District. The best to appease my cravings for dark chocolate that absolutely helps with my diabetes management.

  40. Erin Olivia

    Help this is my favorite chocolate and it seems to be discontinued by TJs how can I order this in bulk??

  41. Piper Glen

    Best 100% dark chocolate bar in the WORLD. One store told me it’s discontinued, another checker said it’s hung up in delivery. I tried a TJ’s brand of 92% and it had a bite to it and was very unpleasant. I hope to see Montezuma’s in stores soon!!!

  42. Mary C.

    Montezuma disappeared from my local TJs late last year, and I was told it is a supply chain issue, but I think it’s gone for good. Like a previous reviewer stated, I have tried their other no or very low-sugar chocolate, and it was awful. Please bring back our Montezuma!!

  43. Roberto Vasquez

    Good product but trader joes has being run out of Montezuma chocolate for months. Review for trader Joes 1 star

  44. hfrizz

    I love this product! It was plentiful around Christmas…and now completely gone. A manager at 2 stores said it was delayed. Someone at another store looked it up and said it’s discontinued. Pretty much can’t live without it. I tried a TJs substitute, something nearly 100% and it was horrible, bad, and I had to spit it out. Fingers crossed there’s a big crate full of it sitting on a ship in the Los Angeles harbor.

  45. G Davidson

    I haven’t been able to find this at my Trader Joes lately. It’s one of my favorites. Maybe trying the orange flavored version would stimulate sales? – a lot of people like that best!

  46. T.Pie

    This is one of the two snacks I have at work. I like it because the lack of sugar won’t make me drowsy…please do bring it back!

  47. Dale Tremblay

    This is the best 100% chocolate out there! Thanks to Trader Joes, the price is very reasonable. Those of us with insulin resistance need snacks like this that do not raise blood sugar. This is one item I cannot be without! Please do not discontinue this great, super clean, sugar-free treat.

  48. Stacey

    I absolutely loved this chocolate It’s horrible that you discontinued it, it’s perfect for people who don’t wanna eat sugar so so disappointed.

  49. Chris

    AB with nibs is a regular part of my diet. One ounce with 1.5 ounces of roasted nuts is my breakfast – and lost over 30lbs. in a year with this healthy addition. The product has been discontinued at my Trader Joe’s in N. California, so I purchased the remaining 24 bars within a twenty-mile radius!
    The chocolate is smooth and melts nicely with monk fruit sweetener which I use for chocolate covered nuts. Yes, I’m a little addicted to this product!

  50. John Canter

    I am a chocolate educator / consultant, and have for years relied in my sampling / tasting seminars upon Montezuma 100% with Nibs as the exemplar of the best pure chocolate available. Imagine how disappointed and a bit angry I was to discover recently that all of the Trader Joes in SW Florida, and apparently elsewhere as well, had discintinued the product.

    Rather than scouting around for a substitute (actually, IMHO there are no such legitimate candidates), I did some digging and discovered that the Dos Diablos Coffee Company in Virginia is carrying the Montezuma product.

    I purchased some, and have been pleased with the freshness of the product and the customer service, which is exceptional.

  51. Chris

    I was just told by my two local stores that it has been DISCONTiNUED!?!?!?!?!?! This is my favorite chocolate ever! Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I loved this such a shame that you quite carrying it only bar with no sugar taste was awesome. None of your other bars are even close to being keto friendly. Spokane WA

  53. Carol

    Montezuma Absolute Black is excellent, whether with almonds and sea salt or with cocoa nibs. It is not trying to be sweet at all, so it is like a fine wine that melts in your mouth with plenty of umami and richness. If you don’t like it, try it with a few grains of salt, so you go completely savory instead of sweet. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!!!! in any form!! Nothing else tastes like it.

  54. Jennifer

    I ate the montezuma chocolate with cocoa nibs every day for lunch and dinner-just a few squares-and I loved that it had no sugar but was so tasty. I don’t know what I’ll do now as a substitute I’m super disappointed!

  55. Carol

    I inquired at checkout about the montezuma’s absolute black with nibs and was told it was discontinued. That was very upsetting news. If there is any chance of bringing it back, by all means please do. The taste and texture are amazing. I walked out of my Trader Joes that day feeling so let down.

  56. Margot Healey

    Please bring it back – for those of us watching sugar but need dark chocolate! The nibs really make it!!

  57. Catherine

    so disappointed TJs discontinued Montezuma’s Absolute Black w/Nibs. I ate a few squares every day and wish I’d known to stock up before. Please bring it back!!!

  58. Kristin

    I am highly addicted to this chocolate. There is no other chocolate like this. Please bring it back!

  59. Amy Carson-Dwyer

    Please bring back Montezuma Chocolate 100% both Almond and Plain!!!!

  60. Flora

    I agree with all comments above and very disappointed to learn that Montezuma absolute black chocolate been discontinued!
    There are a lot of us who can’t have sugar and i also don’t like the sugar free substitutes. Absolute black is the best chocolate for people who enjoy the true dark chocolate.
    Please bring back Montezuma Absolute black.

  61. Anonymous

    We love Montezuma’s Absolute Black 100% Dark Chocolate in our family! We were so disappointed to learn it’s been discontinued! This is basically the only choice for people with high blood sugar/diabetes. Please bring it back!

  62. Cheriboberi

    This stuff was the best! The flavor of this product is amazing, and the texture is unlike any other 100% bar I’ve tried. PLEASE bring it back!

  63. Anonymous

    Please bring this chocolate back! It’s so good!

  64. Anna

    Please bring this chocolate back! It’s so good!

  65. Johnnyg

    I live in Canada and make special trips to Trader Joe’s just for this chocolate and a few other things we can’t get in Canada. Seriously disappointing that this has been discontinued.

  66. Sharon

    I too plead with the powers that be to bring back this chocolate along with the sea salt almond one that was discontinued last year.

  67. Gail

    This is my favorite chocolate and I’ve been able to get it at my local TJ’s store until yesterday. When I asked, they said it was discontinued. I’m so disappointed. It was a product that would bring me into the store.

  68. Sherry

    BRING IT BACK!! I too went to TJs specifically to put this product.

  69. Sherry

    So disappointed that this is no longer available in my local TJ. Can you get it back in stock?

  70. victoria

    I’m your devoted customer for many years. Please, bring the Montezuma,s 100% darc chocolate back. It is so important for people like me with diabetes to enjoy it without risk.

  71. Montezuma Dan

    This chocolate was so good, so carb friendly and now it’s gone. Big disappointment. Please bring it back!

  72. R.A Smith

    Please get this item back!!it’s the only chocolate I cann eat

  73. Karen Seeley Massaro

    Pleas, please, please bring the chocolate bar back! It is the best chocolate for diabetics. It is so savory and with a glass of wine it is the best desert in the world!

  74. Carol Livingston

    This is the only chocolate I will eat. And now I understand Trader Joe’s has discontinued it.

  75. Erotte Attob

    although there are worst news in the world., TJ’s decision to stop selling Montezuma 100% is pretty bad. I believe in miracles.

  76. Paloma

    Our family needs to maintain a low-sugar diet and this was a treat for us. PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Ann

    What else can I say! Montezuma 100% is the best, above all others. I too am very disappointed. And none of the other chocolate products at TJs even comes close to Montezuma.

  78. Anonymous

    Please make available again-it is not replaceable with any other chocolate bars!

  79. Nathalie Bleriot

    This chocolate (100% cocoa nibs) is SO delicious and super healthy! I am so disapointed that I can’t find it at TJ now. It was one of my favorite purchase. I have contacted Montezuma’s in UK at the headquarter and they told me TJ has decided to stop to work with them. WHY???
    PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  80. Carol

    Help! I’m going through withdrawal, so missing this chocolate. The world is filled with chocolate bars with all sorts of sugar. This Montezuma 100% bar is the best.

  81. fsrbaker

    Must have this chocolate bar. It broke my addition to sweetened chocolate. Where can we get this if not at TJs?

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  83. Jonathan

    Hoping you’ll find a way to restock Montezuma’s Absolute Black 100% Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs. Like so many others, I am a big fan and really miss it.

  84. Maria Lee

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK. So healthy and all of the above. Please do all you can. Thank you.

  85. Paula

    Please bring it back. Love this product!

  86. Paula

    Please BRING IT BACK…

  87. Kim

    I have competed tons of research on healthy chocolates and Montezuma’s came up #1. I have been eating this amazing, sugar free, 100% chocolate for about 4 years and I admit, I am addicted. Earlier this year, when I found out that TJ was discontinuing it I bought a half case and have kept is in my freezer, savoring every bite as the treat. (I have 3 bars left) I am saddened that ordering it from another source is very expensive. This product flew off the shelves at my TJ location in Baltimore, MD. I vote to bring it back Trader Joe’s!!

  88. Frank

    I am so sad to find out that the Montezuma’s 100% dark chocolate is discontinued from your store. Please bring it back. Thank you Thank you.

  89. Abram Huelsbeck

    Yet another raving fan begging; please, please, please do whatever you’re able to bring this product back. It seems clear here we’d be willing to pay more. Maybe at least some explanation as to why you decided to discontinue them would at least satisfy our feelings of betrayal. I know you make great efforts to carry ethical, preservative free, socially responsible products, etc. Did you discover the chocolate was responsibly sourced? My best guess is that despite comments here that would suggest otherwise, this outstanding chocolate doesn’t move quickly enough to be worth your very valuable shelf space. Am I right? It’s ok to admit it. Honesty is always the best policy. Thank you kindly for your thoughtful time and consideration.

  90. Mark

    I’ve been enjoying this for years and can’t stand chocolate with sugar in it anymore.
    Please bring it back!

  91. Icarus Archelon

    I’ve spent so much time desperately trying to find this somewhere else in the US. Please bring it back!

  92. Dev

    Please bring Montezuma Choclate back. Miss this more than any other product at your store.

  93. Chris

    Montezumas is the best. I was so disillusioned I decided to stop shopping at TJ’s because they discontinued carrying it. Please bring back the 100% chocolate and I’ll return to spend hundreds of dollars a month in your stores.

  94. laura

    please bring back this chocolate bar, there are a lot of people that miss it, myself included

  95. Pat

    Please bring back Montezuma’s Absolute 100% dark chocolate. My mom loves this bar because she needs to monitor her sugar in take. This is the only chocolate bar without sugar that taste awesome!!! Please, please bring it back.

  96. Mike Ostrouch

    I first bought my wife a few of these bars on Valentines day when I stopped in for your great flower deals. My wife loved them so much she started shopping there weekly to stock up on these bars, and pick up other items. That’s how it started.

    As others have said My wife and I used to Visit Trader Jo’s in Syracuse NY to stock up on these bars. We no longer visit the store on a regular basis due to not having these bars.

    Please bring it back! You guys had the best price also on these bars.

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