Trader Joe’s 4 Almond Croissants Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s 4 Almond Croissants Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Delicious. Try them. Soooo good. Use the egg wash on them to make them look just like they came from a bakery.

  2. Anonymous

    Fantastic. They are very good, and they make your house smell really good on a cold winter morning! Very easy to make, taste much better than a packaged ready made croissant.

  3. Anonymous

    As good as any high end bakery pastry . Sprinkle powdered sugar on them

  4. Baker

    Good, and a wonderful treat, but very sweet. I think the chocolate ones are better because they aren’t quite as sugary.

  5. Diane

    Such a treat to have Trader Jo’s Almond Croissants! Yummy. Flaky. Delicious. It is hard to stop with just one! I highly recommend.

  6. Terry

    Great but please bring back the plain croissants in the freezer box

  7. Niko

    These are EXCELLENT. The only thing better than a fresh-baked croissant is one that just came out of your own oven! These bake up to be really big, too, and the flavor and texture are excellent.

  8. JMeadows

    Inexpensive and taste exactly like the ones I get fresh from the French bakery when in Paris. Just have to remember to set them out 6-7 hours before serving so they can thaw and rise.

  9. Imam

    Excellent…..greatly loved by my grandchildren

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