Trader Joe’s 3 Seed Beet Crackers Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s 3 Seed Beet Crackers Reviews

  1. AK

    Good stuff.

  2. Debra barone

    Best crackers why oh why did they discontinue it? Even my sons loved these crackers. Though I wish they were non GMO. Please consider keeping them

  3. Cheryl

    Love these crackers. Would buy 3-4 boxes everytime I was in store. Can’t figure out why store discontinued this product. Started to get turned off by this.

  4. Lisa

    LOVED these Beet crackers! They were by far my most requested cracker for my charcuterie boards… SO disappointed they discontinued them. Please bring them back!!!

  5. Cindy

    Loved these crackers for years…Great for dips and spreads …My gluten-free go to…so upset they are discontinued…have one box left that I’ve slowly been eating.

  6. Lyn

    My favorite low cal, low fat snack. So sad they’re discontinued
    Haven’t been able to find a replacement.

  7. Vicky

    My family and I love these crackers. We thought they were just out of stock. I hope they are brought back, we purchased 3 boxes every week. Disappointed.

  8. Ashlee Rhodes

    I love these crackers. They are so good. I am so sad to see another great product be discontinued from trader joes. Very Sad!


    PLEASE bring back the 3 seed red beet gluten free crackers ! I would purchase 6 boxes each time I shop ! They are actually superior in taste to the sweet potato crackers, but both of these delicious crackers deserve EQUAL placement on Trader Joe’s gluten free shelf. PLEASE bring them back !!!! Robin

  10. Jo

    We MISS THESE! They were the only cracker anywhere that my kids would both reliably eat! Please bring them back!!

  11. Michael

    Please bring these back. One of the things you have discontinued that brought me to your store.

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