Trader Joe’s 100% Red Tart Cherry Juice Reviews

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Not from concentrate.


22 reviews for Trader Joe’s 100% Red Tart Cherry Juice Reviews

  1. Daniel

    I have gout and this stuff is a cure all. Taste isnt to bad I drink about 8oz of it a day and have not had an attack. When I did have an attack I drank 16oz and next day was good to go. Usually gout attacks will last a few days but not after drinking this. It is tart but its good.


    I’m in love with this tart cherry juice. I take 4oz. In the morning and 4oz.about 5pm daily for my nerve pain.




  4. gwendolyn T saucedo

    GREAT !! other than water I only drink Trader Joes for the last 7 years more than twice a day my kidneys love it…

  5. Deborah Miller

    I had gout as well went to Traders Joe ‘s bought the 100% pure tart cherry juice and drink it no more gout and no more flare ups going back to Traders Joe’s to buy some more and it is not only good for gout it is good for weight and for your kindey’s thanks Trader’s Joe.

  6. MArianna

    This is the best cherry juice, but we can no longer find it. Does anyone else sell it?

  7. Marjorie Hustead

    Best cherry juice ever. I drink it in a wine glass. Classy.

  8. Antonio

    I can easily drink a whole bottle in a single day. This is in the top 5 best drinks I’ve had in my 28 years of life. I throw chia seeds in here so my iron deficient girlfriend can get some extra iron in her. Not too many or it turns into a cherry chia slime, which is kinda nice but not her preference.

  9. D. Curran

    Started drinking tart cherry juice a few months back for liver/gallbladder/overall health – have tried about five different brands, all from concentrate. Trader Joe’s is NOT from concentrate and it is leaps and bounds better tasting than any other brand I’ve tried. Delicious stuff. I usually cut it a bit with water. This morning I put some leftover club soda in it and now I have a tart cherry fizz. Yummm! The nearest TJ’s is a bit out of the way for me, but I’ll be going there for this stuff regularly now. SO glad I tried it! Tart Cherry Juice can actually taste like real cherries, who knew?

  10. Greyson

    Nowadays, it is hard to find juice that is NOT made from concentrate! Love this stuff! Note to TJ’s: never stop making or carrying this stuff!

  11. Edward Young

    Great products

  12. Jeff

    Makes me sleepy about a half hour after i drink it and i sleep hard for about 5 hours unfortunately for me it also leaves me a bit light headed the next day… enough to have to stop. Ive tried it several times over the years with the same effect. Ive read that tart cherry contains a lot of melatonin. Supplemental melatonin does the same thing to me 🙁 but for others not bothered i would think it very helpful for insomnia. It seems pretty powerful.

  13. Sylos

    I’ve been drinking Trader Joe’s 100% tart red cherry juice for the past few days and I’m extremely impressed in how well this has improved my sleep!! I would fall asleep within 45 minutes of drinking this and noticed that my sleep is not interrupted throughout the night, that I sleep longer and get a good 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep and I have more deep sleep according to my SmartWatch. I wake up feeling well rested and feeling refreshed! I love this juice because it’s a natural remedy to my insomnia and it has so many other powerful antioxidant health benefits. I drink about 6 to 8 oz an hour before bedtime.

  14. Jeannie Felton

    Excellent product each time I come to l.a. I purchase this juice because we’re I live they don’t have a trader Joe’s. I wish they did, am from Tulare county. Great product!!!!!.

  15. Jeannie Felton

    Is it possible to make a order, like a case of it? Please respond to let me know I would truly appreciate.

  16. Amy

    When TJ’s tart cherry juice came with the label shown here, it was absolutely 5-star quality. Since the new label arrived, the tart cherry juice isn’t at all the same. It tastes watered down and not as tart. It still says it’s 100% tart cherry juice, but it now tastes watery and much less tart. Really sad, because I loved the older version.

  17. Jay andrews

    I have been jrinking the new label cherry juice for a week now and it’s taste the same. Been drinking 5 oz at bed time for about 5 years. No more celebrex. No more waking up with knee pain at 2am. Play tennis 4 days a week . I’m 82, thank you TJ ‘s

  18. TJ Cult Follower

    Same here Amy. As pictured above (before product change) the juice really had that true 100% taste. New product just taste “less-than” the prior product. A bit more water-like in taste and feel in the mouth.

  19. TJ Tart Cherry Juice #1 Fan

    Best tart cherry juice product on the market!! Tastes great, makes my inflammation go away. I used to wake up with sore muscles all the time. Now, I drink about 8oz an hour before bed and soreness is gone, even a day after an intense strength workout, I don’t have DOMS. I would love to be offered a bigger bottle size with a handle like the Aloe Vera juice so I can stock up easier 😀

  20. Joe Badame

    As I read the reviews on this product, most people touted the health benefits of this tart cherry juice. I bought it a trader Joe’s about 2 months ago and I have been drinking it regularly. I like the tart taste and poured over ice cubes dilutes it just a tad. I was unaware of the health benefits and now I have all the more reason to drink this. I just hope that the product remains on the shelf and stays reasonably priced.


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