Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider Reviews

  1. Bill Libby

    Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider (64 oz) has been one of my favorite TJ’s product offerings – for decades. I was very upset when I learned it had been discontinued; no reason given. I wrote to Trader Joe’s corporate office requesting an explanation, or at least a referral to their former supplier. Sadly, I never received a response. I’ve been a TJ’s customer since the 1970s and have always received exceptional service. This is a glaring exception to the Trader Joe’s culture and customer service I have come to expect for over 50 years.

  2. Cyndi Z

    Bring back the Cherry Cider! There is nothing else like it ANYWHERE!!! I am so disappointed I cant even go in to your store anymore.

  3. Joe SixPack

    Been drinking your Cherry Cider for about 40 years only to find out that it’s been recently discontinued under the destructive Build Back Better regime…

    PLEASE bring it back along with all of the other great juices such as Blackberry Crush Juice Blend!

  4. Dave Sutton

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO ME!!!! Ok I’ll calm down.. But really why did you have to take away my beloved cherry cider? A little less sun in my life, less bounce in my step. Please bring back my beloved Cherry Cider.

  5. own boat

    I miss the wonderful Cherry Cider.

  6. Anonymous

    This was my favorite juice growing up and I have looked for it for years now, please consider bringing it back. I miss it!

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