The Shell House Spiked Pumpkin Seltzer Reviews

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Spiked seltzer water with natural pumpkin spice flavors. 5% alcohol by volume, hard seltzer.

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4 reviews for The Shell House Spiked Pumpkin Seltzer Reviews

  1. Stephen

    I’ve seen a lot of reviews across the internet hating on this. I’m here to offer a rebuttal: I liked it quite a bit — only after getting used to it! Typically spiked seltzers are supposed to be fruity and refreshing. This one is not fruity which is the main reason it is confusing to the palate. It is very pumpkin spice – forward, although a little strong on the nutmeg flavor (which is why some might say it tastes chemical-y), however if you enter with the mindset of drinking a seltzer that tastes like pumpkin pie (not as overtly refreshing as a fruit flavor might be), I think it is quite enjoyable and an almost comforting flavor.

  2. MaryAnn Moore

    This is a review of the Pomegranate flavor. I really like it…a lot. Refreshing and fruity. However, I deducted a star in my rating since one of the cans in my 6-pack was not full (??!!) I saw no leak in the can or wetness on the cardboard carton, but there was maybe 1/4 of the liquid sloshing around in the can. Guess the bottling/canning process quality control took a break.

  3. Anonymous

    Aweful..too much spice

  4. Beth

    This review is about the Watermelon flavor.
    It is disgusting!
    I can’t even explain the taste but it wasn’t the taste of watermelon! It doesn’t deserve even one star.
    I want my money back!
    I couldn’t drink it and I poured it down the drain. The other two cans are being tossed too.

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