Super Green Drink Powder Chocolate Flavor Reviews

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15 reviews for Super Green Drink Powder Chocolate Flavor Reviews

  1. Beatrice

    Please have them baaaack.

  2. Gina

    I 100% agree with the post above…
    I’ve used it for several months, daily breakfast and a lot of lunches and dinners. I’m about to be lost!

  3. Cc Green

    I loved this – used before my workouts each morning. CANNOT believe (once again a product I love) – has been discontinued. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! – The Berry flavor is so inferior I can’t even use it.

  4. Lyz

    I agree bring it back. This product made the 50 best list regularly. People who freak out because of the California warning about lead need to do some research and learn that it has chocolate in it, duh. Chocolate beans are mostly grown in probably the most contaminated area of the world, (even the ones used to make organic chocolate). The rest of us should not be deprived of a great product because of a bunch of very vocal uninformed people.

  5. Dennis Boedewig

    Just went to Trader Joes and (OMFG)…NO MORE CHOCOLATE SUPER GREEN DRINK. PLEASE, Please, please….bring it back. I have used it for almost 2 years as part of my protein shake every day. Awesome stuff. I do not like the RED DRINK and will hold my nose if I must use the GREEN DRINK.

  6. Susan Britton

    #Heartbroken. I can’t believe this is no longer available. Best chocolate drink I’ve ever tasted because it’s got a DARK CHOCOLATE taste. Figure out a way to bring it back…PLEASE!!!!!

  7. Nance

    I just bought some yesterday in Ohio. It’s back. Tastes amazing. I seriously hope I don’t get addicted to it and they pull it again!

  8. Nancy Shaw

    Love TJ’s Super Green Drink Powder! Why oh why did my favorite “new” product get pulled? I “discovered” TJ’s Chocolate Flavor Super Green Drink Powder late in the game, evidently, bought my first a while ago and initially thought they were just out of stock when after waiting a few months finally asked the big question- has this product been pulled from the store? Was so sad and frustrated to learn this bad news. The deep chocolate flavor was killer, the ingredients great! It was perfect to drink alone or blended in with some other TJ’s vegetables/fruits in a freshly made smoothie. I love it mixed in with spinach, strawberries or frozen raspberries for a delicious yet very healthy smoothie. Sometimes, you just want chocolate with your green smoothie. Please, Trader Joes, reconsider and BRING BACK your Super Green Drink Powder in Chocolate!

  9. Bill McCarthy

    This is for Super Green Drink Berry flavor – please bring this product back. Both chocolate and berry flavors are good but it is the basic antioxidant blends, fiber, plant based enzymes and probiotics that made this an incredible bargain for a valuable product. I can’t believe it was discontinued for “lack of sales” – thIs is one huge disappointment with TJ’s – they bring new things in then rip them off the shelves way too quickly – not sure whose sales model that is (Donald Trump?) but it sucks. The other unrelated gripe is the amount of waste packaging TJ uses and abuses.

  10. Ana Vargas Villena

    Please bring back Super Green Drink Chocolate flavor , the other flavor is too sweet and it is not pleasant maybe change to another flavor that is more popular , you can rise the price if you want but please bring back the chocolate flavor , I tried another brands and they do not bring me the energy that this one does.
    I will buy two next time so I can have one extra just in case. Thank you for reading this review.

  11. Gina

    PLEASE bring this back! 2 years later and I’m still begging! Im almost out. If there would be a minimum order, im in!

  12. Will

    Yes! I agree with everyone above. Please bring back super green at Trader Joe’s!

  13. Noname

    If the owner of this site sees this, please check your messages on the traderjoesreviews Facebook. Have been trying to get in touch for years to remove a review with my full name on it that shows up in Google searches. Thanks!!

  14. Leslie shane

    bring this back there is nothing like it on your shelves which are full of whey products some of us don’t drink dairy.

  15. PCB

    Bring it back, please!!!

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