Newton’s Folly Authentic Draft Apple Cider Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

5% ABV – sold in six packs of 12-oz bottles – made in Vermont.


5 reviews for Newton’s Folly Authentic Draft Apple Cider Reviews

  1. Rachel

    I really enjoyed this cider. I don’t drink very often, and I’m picky about alcoholic beverages as I don’t like anything that tastes too strongly of alcohol. This apple cider was perfect for my taste — a light, crisp apple taste, with a refreshing buzz.

  2. MG

    Crisp flavor that does not taste too strongly of alcohol, which is good for those of us who are not big into beer and wine. However, this is a bit too sweet for my tastes – I prefer a cider that is a bit more dry.

  3. Doug

    I love it, especially now that it is in cans … but my local TJs ALWAYS seems to be out 🙁

  4. John

    Great flavor and not nearly as sweet as other ciders. I just tried it by chance when shopping at Trader Joe’s and I will definitely be back for more. One of a kind!

  5. BeeBop

    Love it so muich, doesn’t make me tipsy. Just so yummy.

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