Milton’s Whole Grain Plus Bread Reviews

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5 reviews for Milton’s Whole Grain Plus Bread Reviews

  1. Frank

    I used to buy this at Costco. Love it.

  2. NateDies

    The best whole wheat, whole grain bread ever!

  3. Jessica BERMAN

    this is the best bread! much better flavor and texture than the usual commercial brands and not too sweet. Has a great whole grain feeling without that sense that they just added fiber powder or something fake. We used to make a special trip to stock up at Trader Joe’s but now I hear it is discontinued. Please bring it back!!

  4. Eunice Hahn

    I don’t like it at all. I bought a huge one at Costco and regret buying it. It’s too dense and theres barely any grains in it. I prefer Daves bread or the sprouted bread. (I normally make open faced toast, french toast and sandwiches with my bread).

  5. Patricia smith

    Fabulous tasting bread! Only 80 calories and 5 g fiber! Don’t know why TJ’s doesn’t carry it anymore.

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