Milton’s Buttermilk Bread Reviews

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3 reviews for Milton’s Buttermilk Bread Reviews

  1. Stewart

    This didn’t even taste like buttermilk bread to me. I know it’s a healthier version, but not worth it in my experience. Tasted more like sourdough, and more dry than I would expect buttermilk bread to be.

  2. Nate

    This was my favorite sandwich and toast bread. I am so disappointed that TJ’s stopped carrying it.

  3. Mark G. Mazza

    It appears that Milton’s Buttermilk Bread has vanished from the market shelves for ever. It was far superior to the version now sold at Trader Joe’s under their own brand name, which I have quit buying. I wish that TJ would let Milton bake and provide this bread again. I still miss it after all this time.

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