Ghost Vine Spiced Red Wine Reviews

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5 reviews for Ghost Vine Spiced Red Wine Reviews

  1. Andrew Gree

    Excellent S[iced Wine and extremely enjoyable. Where can I buy more??

  2. Dennis Pannell

    Tried this as a novelty for Halloween, wow excellent spiced flavor! Now want some for Thanksgiving, where do I buy more?

  3. Laura

    So yummy! Did not realize it was spiced and what a great surprise

  4. Jay

    Amazing Red Blend Unlike Anything I’ve Tasted! Keeper!

  5. DJ

    Without a doubt, this is the worst wine my wife and I have ever had. The cloying sweetness and dreadful spices were overwhelming. We each took two sips, the second one was just to make sure how awful it really was, and dumped the rest. We are not wine snobs at all, but this was actually the bottom of the barrel.

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