Ghost Vine Spiced Red Wine Reviews

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16 reviews for Ghost Vine Spiced Red Wine Reviews

  1. Andrew Gree

    Excellent S[iced Wine and extremely enjoyable. Where can I buy more??

  2. Dennis Pannell

    Tried this as a novelty for Halloween, wow excellent spiced flavor! Now want some for Thanksgiving, where do I buy more?

  3. Laura

    So yummy! Did not realize it was spiced and what a great surprise

  4. Jay

    Amazing Red Blend Unlike Anything I’ve Tasted! Keeper!

  5. DJ

    Without a doubt, this is the worst wine my wife and I have ever had. The cloying sweetness and dreadful spices were overwhelming. We each took two sips, the second one was just to make sure how awful it really was, and dumped the rest. We are not wine snobs at all, but this was actually the bottom of the barrel.

  6. Judy

    Loved the clove ar the end. Best wine.

  7. Sandy Forrington

    I LOVE this wine!!

  8. Sharon

    I wanted to like this. First sip (mixed in with remnants in my glass of another red wine) was pretty good. But then I tried it straight. It just kept getting more and more like cough syrup as the glass went on. Could not stomach it.

  9. Audrey Tucker

    Ghost Vine Wine was the Best I tasted. Where can I buy it by the case.? Where???

  10. Bags935

    Love it! It is very different and may not be appealing to some wine drinkers. Usually Merlot is my wine choice, but I wanted to try something different. It is bold and spicy and was so nice for the holidays and cooler season. My husband does not like wine, but he liked Ghost Vine. I wish I bought extra and hope it returns next fall.

  11. Jim Flanagan

    Horrible. Cinnamon flavored cough syrup. The words CINNAMON SPICED need to be made much larger to avoid accidental purchase.

  12. Don O’Brien

    I don’t know if it’s fair to call this wine, but I love it and I want more. I bought 2 cases. TJ’s needs to make it a permanent shelf item. Where can I get more of this?

  13. Sassy

    I love this wine!!! Perfect for fall.

  14. Anonymous

    Yummy delicious grape juice succulent spicy and sweet

  15. Paige

    I’m not picky about wine and will admit I usually drink dry white wine, but occasionally do love a good sweet red blend. This was so sweet and thick I had to dump out the glass. I tried it warm, room temperature, and cold and bleh

  16. Ken G.

    Amazing spiced wine. Sells out eithin 48 hours If not your thing, that’s cool too. More for the rest of us!

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