Babybel Plant-Based Dairy-Free Cheese Alternative Reviews

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Each bag comes with six snacks. (See images for nutrition and ingredients.)

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1 review for Babybel Plant-Based Dairy-Free Cheese Alternative Reviews

  1. Michon Zurita

    Well, it ain’t cheese, but when you’re a cheese-a-holic and are diagnosed with alpha-gal and you have to stop eating all mammal products, including your very favorite food of all time–cheese–anything that even vaguely resembles the creamy deliciousness is awesome! And this “cheese” (or “feez” as my son and I call it–fake cheese, get it?) fits the bill. Light, creamy, lovely with pretzels, or turkey pepperoni, or almonds, it tastes just enough like cheese to make me smile and want more. Ruddy hard to find, though, and to drive an hour to get it seems a bit extreme. However, THANK YOU Trader Joe’s for carrying food that those of us with complicated food allergies can actually eat! You are a blessing and I’m grateful. 🙂

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