Trader Joe’s Turkey & Stuffing En Croute Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey & Stuffing En Croute Reviews

  1. Ani
    5 out of 5


    so good

  2. Suzan Cioffi
    5 out of 5


    What a happy surprise stumbling upon this product. I was hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering and did not have the time to do a full-blown turkey prep. This dish was extremely easy to prepare… just cut open the bag and place the log on tin foil. Place it in the oven with four washed and tin-foil wrapped sweet potatoes and in one hour with the veggie of your choice, you have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We paired this with pre-cut brussel sprouts in their microwavable pan from Trader Joe’s, drizzled a little olive oil and honey and ound we had overall perfection! The turkey was moist and well-seasoned with a delicious cornbread stuffing and and en route which tasted like a mix of mashed potatoes and light filo dough. The turkey log en croûte cut easily into four hearty portions (after you let it stand 7-8 minutes after baking).

    Although the package says it is supposed to feed eight, I think eight portions world have been bird-sized. For four, the portions were hearty. Thank you Trader Joe’s for creating such a delicious and EASY Thanksgiving turkey dinner for those of us who like to enjoy the holiday without slaving away the entire day in the kitchen cooking. And, oh yes, there was a small portion of tasty, tangy cranberry sauce and a small portion of a nice low-salt light gravy included in the package. This product is a real winner. I want to go right out tomorrow to buy two more of these to stick in my freezer for entertaining emergencies!

  3. Linda D
    1 out of 5


    I was very excited to try this product for an easy dinner for my son and daughter-in-law.
    I am a BIG fan of Trader Joe’s. I have been happy with nearly everything I’ve tried.
    This dish was a huge disappointment. I am writing this review because I am hoping somebody who is actually thinking of this for Thanksgiving will give it a second thought.
    My son, who is a very good cook, put it perfectly. It is a one-note dish. It has turkey, stuffing and pastry and yet the only flavor is sage ( or poultry seasoning) . It is overpowering. We each tried a little, and then did something I hate to do. We threw the rest out!
    Nobody was interested in having any more. I despise wasting food so this should be an indication of how disappointed we were with this. Sorry Trader Joe’s.

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