Trader Joe’s White Balsamic Vinegar Reviews

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111 reviews for Trader Joe’s White Balsamic Vinegar Reviews

  1. F Harrison

    Best taste at a great price. Feels like a quality product on which I have relied for over ten years, without any gastro-distress.
    POOEY ON TJ’S FOR DISCONTINUING White Balsamic Vinegar.

  2. ARWolf

    WHY have you discontinued this terrific product?????? I’m used to your discontinuations and have stuck with you despite many of them, but this is ridiculous!!!! Such an excellent basic staple that so many of us rely on. I haven’t found anything that will substitute for it. You have a lot of disappointed customers!!!!

  3. Christine

    My family and my mom all love this vinegar! LIke the others, I can’t find another substitute that I like as much. Very sad and disappointed.

  4. Josephine Mattera

    Why would you discontinue the best product in the store. Your white balsamic vinegar is the best! Now I can’t eat salad, I despise regular wine vinegar.

  5. Patrick Kirkhuff

    Joe get your freakin act together and get that white balsamic vinegar back!!!

  6. Lucyna De Barbaro

    I loved this product and am very unhappy about its discontinuation. It was such s staple in our house. Extremely disappointed! No, it does not impress me that you bring some new this or that. Does not even come close!

  7. Anne Warren

    Please bring this White Modena vinegar back! We love it. My family buys this by the case as we put it on EVERYTHING! It goes on our rice and stirfries, it is the key ingredient in all our homemade dressings. We soak our raw onions and cucumbers in this before eating them. We are so sad to not have this key staple in our house.

  8. Bruce Bradford

    This was an outstanding product and a staple. Why on earth did you discontinue it?? I want to let you know that I am a very unhappy customer with this decision.

  9. Becky Matthews

    I agree with everyone else on here and am greatly disturbed that TJ’s would discontinue such a basic staple. As far as I can tell they are not replacing it with anything else. Ridiculous! I love TJs but this is really irritating as I have not been able to find a decent replacement yet. I used this vinegar for anything I didn’t want to have an overly vinegar taste to it and it was the best vinegar for pickling jalapenos. Now I have the inconvenience of trying to find something similar. When I do find a replacement, most likely at another store, you can be sure I will be frequenting that store more often. The five-star rating is for the vinegar not the decision to discontinue it.

  10. Sandy McConnell

    verrryyy disapointed that white balsamic vinegar discontinued….have tried many others….TJ’S the best. Please, Please, Please bring back

  11. Anonymous

    Like other reviewers, our family is extremely disappointed that this has been discontinued. It is a great product, makes a delicious vinaigrette, at a good price. Please bring it back!!!

  12. Shannon Schreiner

    I’m at a loss without my favorite nighttime salad topper. Please reconsider this discontinuation. Like people said above, I’ve stuck with you through many hard discontinuations but this one is one of the worst. And those dark chocolate caramel wedges in the little tin. Those were the best:

  13. Teresa

    This was our favorite TJ product and we are so sad it was discontinued. I would often come in just for the vinegar and walk out with 2 bags of groceries. Please bring it back! I have been unable to find a good substitute at any store!!

  14. Gabi

    I am inconsolable. Have not found a replacement yet. Like many others on this page, I visit Trader Joes just to buy that vinegar, and always ended up buying a bunch more stuff. No more, I guess. 🙁

  15. Carole Kammen

    I’m so, so, so, so, so sad that you’re discontinuing the White Moderna vinegar. It’s been the only thing I use on salads for years. I buy things at Trader Joes, but only because I go there to buy vinegar and then pick up other products. Now I won’t have any reason to shop at your stores. IF I’D KNOWN YOU WERE DISCONTINUING I’D HAVE BOUGHT EVERY ONE ON THE SHELF, AND THEN GONE TO OTHER LOCAL JOE’S TO DO THE SAME. Please bring this back!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Raquel


  17. Wendy

    Please please bring this back. It is by far the best white balsamic I have ever found- by miles. So many friends have asked me what vinegar I used…Please reconsider. I too would pay more just to have this one!

  18. Wendy

    Please please bring this lovely product back. It is by far the best white balsamic I have ever found- by miles. So many friends have asked me what vinegar I used…Please reconsider. I too would pay more just to have this one!

  19. Kathy Smith

    Please bring back the White Balsamic Vinegar. It was a staple in our house. I guess, unfortunately, we had bought a large quantity ….. and when it came time to get more, the store told me that it had been discontinued. HELP!!!! It was THE BEST…. I hope you can get it back.

  20. Uli

    I am very disappointed that the white balsamic vinegar was discontinued. This has been the only vinegar I bought over the last 15 years and was the reason I drove 25 miles to the nearest Trader Joe’s. This being said when we went we never left the store spending less than $150-200. You pretty much lost a loyal customer.

  21. P HEIS


  22. KMM

    Please bring back the White Modena vinegar!!! It was so pleasant and low acidity. Easy on the stomach, but so delicious on salads.

  23. Tat

    Bring it back , pronto… prego and Grazie!

  24. T E G

    Bring it back , pronto… prego and Grazie!

  25. Chuck Henson

    Adding my voice to the chorus of “bring back the white Modena vinegar please!”

  26. Karen Houle

    Please bring it back!!!! It is the best and has been a staple in our household for years- my salads will never be the same!!!!!

  27. Andrea Luraghi

    I echo the cries of those gone before me. The vinegar was the only reason I shopped there.
    Bring it back!

  28. Leisa

    Please bring back the modena white vinegar , your replacement of the dark Balsamic vinegar is horrible. I need the white one back. I have not found a replacement. I had to cut costco out now it looks like TJ might be next everything I like ends up getting discontinued .

  29. James Carey

    Ditto. For the first time in my life I made good salad dressings. please bring it back.

  30. James Carey

    Great Product. Saved my salad dressing skills. Please bring back.

  31. Alberto Santaballa

    This was a great and very versatile product that allowed balsamic taste where the normal darkness would spooild the look. Please, please, PLEASE bring it back.

  32. Sue

    Soooo very upset that your White Modena vinegar has been discontinued!! I kept going back looking for it & finally asked why they were still out of it !! We absolutely loved it – PLEASE bring it back !!

  33. Shelley Moreno

    My son eats veggies thanks to this great vinegar. We NEED it back. SO tasty and perfecr.

  34. Janice

    Haven’t seen this for awhile now and I never know when you’re just out of something or if it’s gone forever and I can never cross it off my shopping list. It appears it’s the latter. Very disappointed like so many here. It seems the TJs discontinued items that are staples in our house are discontinued lately at a faster rate than ever. The non-TJS side of my shopping list grows longer and longer. For this product and a couple others I haven’t found good substitutes yet. I don’t know why you would discontinue a basic pantry item that is not a specialty flash in the pan. If you do read these reviews, please reconsider!

  35. Trish

    Please reconsider and bring it back. I haven’t found anything that comes close to this great taste.

  36. Johanna K

    Yes, I agree with all the above. PLEASE bring it back!!!!!

  37. Antoinette v g

    I am joining all those who have relied on this vinegar as the most glorious simple always- go -to vinegar. Can’t believe Trader Joe’s has discontinued it. I vote for immediate reinstatement!!!

  38. avg

    I am joining all those who have relied on this vinegar as the most glorious simple always- go -to vinegar. Can’t believe Trader Joe’s has discontinued it. I vote for immediate reinstatement!!!

  39. Andrew

    I miss this stuff, cannot find a good white balsamic where I live they’re all way too sweet. Bring this back!

  40. Steve

    As if the pleas of all of these people are not enough, this product must make a return, or the salad-making universe will collapse. If you need to raise the price, do it. Just get the product!

  41. Bruce

    I do not understand why Trader Joe’s discontinued the White Modena Vinegar. It sold very well. More than once, when I wanted to buy more, it was out of stock. I hope they will reconsider and bring it back into inventory.

  42. Emaven

    Please bring the white modena vinegar back. I need it for my salads and more.

  43. Tina T

    It’s the best vinegar ! I use two bottles a month and NEED it!

  44. Anonymous

    Bring it back!!!!

  45. Anonymous

    Bring it back please!!!

  46. Peter B

    Bring it back
    I will buy by the case!!
    Best salad dressing ingredient ever

  47. Nancy D.

    WHY?WHY?WHY? Why did you discontinue this product??? It’s so good. I used it consistently in salads, pasta, and veggie dishes. It was the perfect blend of sweetness and acidity. PLEASE bring it back!!
    The 5 star rating is for the product, NOT your decision to discontinue it.

  48. Alisa

    Please bring back the white modena vinegar!! It’s the only way my family would eat salad. It’s been a staple in our house. If Trader Joe’s listens to its customers, please hear us out. Raise the price if need be, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THIS PRODUCT!

  49. Sue K

    This is a staple I’ve relied on for more than 15 years. Can’t believe it was discontinued. Tried five other supermarket and specialty brand and they don’t come close to the perfect balance this vinegar had. Please bring it back.

  50. Dee L

    Trader Joe’s White Balsamic Vinegar has been a staple of ours for years! Why would you discontinue such a popular product? The flavor was the best by far compared to others and I think you should reconsider your decision, please!

  51. Anonymous

    This White Balsamic Vinegar was the basic ingredient in all of my salads; completely lost without it. Tried another brand and was way too acidic. I beg you to please bring back this product!!!

  52. N Cognito

    PLEEEEEZ, BRING BACK TRADER JOE’S MODENA WHITE VINEGAR!!!! Why discontinue such a popular product?!? And like some have said, it was THIS VINEGAR that actually brought them into the store! You’ll be losing customers over this! It also was my #1 reason for making the trip to TJ’s. The other items I’d buy, I can substitute elsewhere, but I can’t substitute this Modena white vinegar!!!

  53. Frances

    Omg bring back this vinegar! It was the main reason I came to your stores!!!!!

  54. Susan Miller

    I love this stuff. Pantry staple. I had it on my shopping list today only to learn that it’s another of my favorites that TJ’s has discontinued. Sooooo very disappointing.

  55. Susan M

    I love this stuff. Pantry staple. It was on my grocery list today but sadly, discovered it’s another of my favorite products that TJ’s has discontinued. Sooooo disappointing. Please bring it back!

  56. Iraperelson

    Just went to TJ’s on Court Street in Brooklyn to replenish my supply of White Modena vinegar. Discontinued ! Great Disappointment! It’s the main ingredient in my salad. Please bring it back!

  57. Kim T

    Obviously a popular item….why would you discontinue??? This vinegar was the main reason I made the 30 minute drive to TJ. Please bring it back!!

  58. DCR

    Today I learned the tragic news. Cannot believe this is discontinued. BRING BACK THIS PRODUCT!

  59. Yvonne

    I can’t live without it. Please bring it back. Or at least let us know what alternative we can buy.

  60. Kathy

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Bring back White Modena Vinegar !!!!!!!
    I travel from Wyoming to Las Vegas for this vinegar……..

  61. Rudi

    Please bring this vinegar! It’s the best out there I have found!

  62. debot

    Please bring this staple item for 10 years back! I wish I knew this was going to be discontinued–I noticed it wasn’t on the shelves but thought it was just out of stock, but 2 days ago I asked and yes, sadly it has been discontinued. WHY? I should have bought a case or two…

  63. Marla Delgado

    Please bring back the White Modena vinegar.
    The warm weather brings out the perfect salads.
    My salads are lacking that extra zest attainable only with the White Modena Vinegar. Nothing else compares.

  64. Gabriella Ramoni

    Please bring back this vinegar! Why did you discontinue it? It was the best and nothing can replace it. It was the main reason I shopped at Trader Joe’s!

  65. Phil P

    Difficult to believe that this excellent product doesn’t warrant a place on TJ’s shelves. Sadly, I can’t give 1 star to TJ’s management so I have to give it to the vinegar. I guess that there’s so much business at TJs that management has to reduce the amount of time and money we spend at TJs. Good call on driving loyal customers to other grocers: genius move.

  66. Shayne

    Bad decision TJ’s. Bad decision. Bad. Bring back the white balsamic. If you have a soul, you would.

  67. Donna Fortini

    TJ’s has a reputation for their excellent products. The white Modena Vinegar is possibly the best vinegar I’ve ever used, for so many recipes! I am very sad…..

  68. April

    Even if you need it to increase the price your customers will still purchase. It is a loved and craved product by many. I never leave your store without buying at least five.

  69. Danielle

    Please bring back the WHITE MODENA VINEGAR! I’ve been buying it for years and am devastated it was discontinued. Can you give us a clue if it will ever be back?

  70. Rosame Piret

    I can’t tell you how much I miss the Modena White vinegar… Pleeeeaaaase, bring it back,

  71. Maribeth

    Please bring it back. I regularly drive 30 miles to stock up on special products like the white balsamic ( discontinued) wasabi mayo ( discontinued) white grapefruit body lotion ( discontinued) and the best za’tar( discontinued). Please bring back the white balsamic , the last remaining must have item in the store.

  72. Mister

    Why would the corporatists at TJ’s discontinue the the best white balsamic vinegar ever offered in the marketplace??? Did the Italians tick you off, or what??? Solution: Pull your collective heads out of your backsides and get this back on the shelves!!! I don’t agree with TJ’s politics but I’ll vote to reelect the criminal currently occupying the White House if you reinstate the white Modena!!! I’ll even let his criminal pervert drug-addicted son babysit my granddaughter hehehe!!!

  73. Ms K C

    Please bring the T J White Modena Vinegar back. Why discontinue such a popular item? I feel the same way about the Orange Muscat Champaign Vinegar. There are simply no other products that compare. Come on Trader Joe’s, please bring these items back.

  74. Bjørn Fleuren

    Bring it back bring it back Bring it back bring it back Bring it back bring it back Bring it back bring it back Bring it back bring it back Bring it back bring it back
    My potato salade sucks now, including all my other salade. Where can I find a replacement?

  75. Erin Allston

    PLEASE bring back / find a new White Balsamic Vinegar. It was my favorite, excellent to cook with, make dressings and just pour on foods! Why is it so elusive? Bring it back TJ’s! Bring it back! 🙂

  76. Jaime Frank

    C’mon…why?????????? How could you lose that lovin feeling for your TJ white balsamic vinegar? We dure didn’t, haven’t, wouldn’t. Bring er back phuleeeese!!

  77. DLC

    We just opened our last bottle of the Modena White Vinegar. I have experienced TJs dropping excellent products before — e.g., tomatillo salsa this spring. I give one star (zero stars if possible) for the decision to drop it and 5 stars for the vinegar. TJ — listen to your customers. Yes you might have to raise the price, but many would still buy it. Also, you don’t have any white vinegar on your shelves now — It is a staple for modern American cooking.


  78. Erin

    PLEASE bring the White Vinegar back. Raise the price if needed, we will buy it!!!

  79. barbara garratt

    did you find everything you were looking for??….NO !…..PLEASE bring back your WHITE BALSAMIC VINEGAR…..I will buy 2 cases.

  80. K Davidssen

    Bring this back. Now. I would gladly pay double for it. For reference, my husband found a case of six bottles online shortly after the discontinuation. He paid $90 for it, and this vinegar is so good it did not seem unreasonable. I’ve just got two bottles left and still have not found a replacement. I am known for my salads and have turned so many people onto this extraordinary vinegar over the years. Please, please…no other vinegar compares.

  81. LB

    Add me to the list of the absolutely disappointed customers that you discontinued the white balsamic. I’ve used and loved it for many years. Bad move TJ. Additionally I adored the tea tree bar soap. I’ve turned to other products but it would be considerate for TJ to survey faithful customers before just discontinuing products!

  82. Heidi Langenfeld

    The rating is for the White Modena Vinegar I have loved for years. I always stock up when I drive the 30 miles to my closes TJ store. I was/am so disappointed to discover it is no longer available. I guess I am not alone in this disappointment. Like others have said, I would pay more raise the price, but please bring it back.

  83. S. Dempsey

    I am also one of your LOYAL customers that drives 15+miles to shop at your store.

  84. CS

    Really, I can’t believe you would discontinue a STAPLE in most homes.
    What will it take to BRING IT BACK???????? We are willing to pay more too.

  85. Jackie C

    Oh – i didn’t realize what a difference this vinegar made! I just made gazpacho soup – and always used this vinegar… PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  86. Suzie Hudson

    The T J White Modena Vinegar is sweeter than other white vinegars, which I liked when making salad dressings and dips. I would have though you would have brought it back way before now. Please consider bringing it back. 🙂

  87. Cheryl Cramer

    BRING IT BACK!!!!! I love the flavor and it’s the only vinegar that I can use because of the lower acid contacts.
    Please figure out a way to get this back into stock for those of us who are diehard fans!!!

  88. CATHERINE MEYER –September 10, 2023


  89. Donna

    We are beyond disappointed that TJ discontinued White Modena Vinegar! Not only do we dearly love this great vinegar, our grandchildren really love it! They were all so sad when we told them it was no longer available!! If young children love salad (so many don’t) because it has great Modena vinegar on it, that speaks volumes for the product. PLEASE bring back the best vinegar made! TJ is unique for carry the best products, please reinstate this wonderful vinegar!!

  90. Sue

    Why, oh why would TJ discontinue the BEST vinegar I’ve ever used. I’m so disappointed. I don’t even know what else to use … nothing compares! So many people responded similar to myself, yet … crickets. Not one response from TJ as to why it’s gone.

  91. Azi

    I am very disappointed as well. Why discontinued this product? Since I remember, I used this great vinegar. Are you listening to us? At least let us know why it was discontinued. Nobody at my store knows why.

  92. Chris

    I am lost without this vinegar,have not found anything close…everything is too acidic or Reid pushy expensive in comparison. Please bring it back, would happily pay more but not the Highway robbery prices that are being charged. (Ie $8 = as to $2 +)

  93. Chris

    I am lost without this vinegar, have not found anything close…everything is too acidic or beyond expensive in comparison. Please bring it back, would happily pay more but not the Highway robbery prices that are being charged. (Ie $8 = as to $2 +)

  94. Gretel Kulupka

    Like so many others, I have come to use this vinegar exclusively. So so sorry to see it gone.

  95. Anonymous

    Very disappointed that the white balsamic was discontinued. I really dislike when you find something so great and then it’s taken away. I have shopped at Trader Joe’s for many many years and am very disappointed with the decision to d/c this item. Please bring it back!

  96. John

    Bring it back! If there’s a problem, in manufacturing fix it. If you need to raise the price ,raise the price. But bring it back.

  97. Susan Blake

    Please bring this White Modena Vinegar or White Balsamic Vinegar back. I would pay more for it as well. My last bottle just ran out. I agree with all these positive responses. You will the. On Amazon Reddit and elsewhere with a quick google search. What is holding you back?

  98. Dan

    We have no reason to shop TJ’s since we learned you discontinued the White Balsamic Vinegar. That’s what brought us in most of the time. Bring it back!!! One star for discontinuing it, would be 5 stars if you still had it!

  99. Anonymous

    If so many people want this product why would you discontinue it? I shopped there mostly for that vinegar! We love it. Such a stupid decision. People are upset

  100. Elissa

    Miss this product dearly – made a delightful white balsamic vinegarette with this (often with a dollop of crushed garlic, dollop of dijon mustard, chopped shallots and dried parsley. Beyond sad it’s gone. BRING IT BACK please!!

  101. Nana likes to cook

    Why, oh why, Trader Joe’s, have you done this? I too shop at the store for some of these basic culinary delights such as the Medina white balsamic vinegar. My taste buds cry out and yearn for this delightful, mellow, yet flavorful culinary experience. I beg of you, please… Bring it back! You have a faithful and loyal following, we’re counting on you Trader Joe’s. I think you ahead of time for not letting us down.

  102. Sandy

    Will we ever find out why… I to loved the Modena vinegar…why did you take it away from us:(

  103. Judy Brain

    Five stars for the vinegar, 0 stars for discontinuing it. Today I asked one of the managers if she could hook me up with your source so I could buy directly from them but she said it was a secret. Please bring it back!! There is nothing comparable out there!!! I wish I’d known your were discontinuing it; I would have bought a couple of cases.

  104. Karen

    I join with all the others that LOVED and used the White Moderna Vinegar. It was light and not too tart. I am at a loss to find another substitute for this. I’m also in agreement with others who think your policy of discontinuing staple items is unnecessary and causes me to think less favorably about the management of your organization.

  105. Kathleen Flanagan

    Please bring back the white Modena vinegar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will buy huge amounts!

  106. Mike M.

    Why would you get rid of this product? Was it cost, which usually drives all supply issues? We would be willing to pay more for it, if you just would bring it back.

  107. Cindy

    I was online looking for a substitute for your vinegar and came across this. I am obviously not the only one who loves this product. I would have no problem paying more for it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  108. Jeff

    I LOVE this vinegar. I’m so so so bummed it’s gone. Haven’t found a replacement yet. Bring it back!

  109. Alisa

    I’m just so sad it’s gone!!! Please bring it back. I can’t find anything else like it.

  110. Al

    This was such a staple to me for so many things that I still check every few months to see if it has come back. Please, consider listening to all the voices above and bring it back. There are other white balsamic but none replacement for this.

  111. Daniela

    Please bring back this vinegar. I still can’t find anything even close! This was your best item!!!

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