Trader Joe’s Vegan Thai Green Curry Reviews

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With tofu sheets, vegetables, and jasmine rice. Sold in the frozen section.

Ingredients: cooked jasmine rice (water, jasmine rice), coconut milk, tofu sheets (soybean, water), carrot, coconut cream (coconut, water), water, eggplant, green curry paste (green chili, lemongrass garlic, salt, galangal, coriander seed, lime peel, white pepper, cumin, turmeric), sugar, red chili, soybean oil, sweet basil, vegetable powder blend (onion, cabbage, carrot, spring onion, maltodextrin, salt), cumin seed, coriander seed.

Contains soy and coconut

50 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegan Thai Green Curry Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    DO NOT BUY. The sauce is pretty good (extremely spicy) but the tofu is NASTY

  2. Balogún

    TJs used to sell Thai green curry and jasmine rice, but I hadn’t seen it for many moons. Then, just as quick as you can say “discontinued”, it’s back, and IT’S SO GOOD! Previous reviewer has clearly never had tofu skins, but they taste about as authentic as you can get. I definitely wouldn’t call this “extremely spicy,” especially for Thai food. On that scale, this is probably a 6/10. I bought two and then snipped the rice off to save for some other time. Micro’d the two curry’s alone for 4 min with no perforations. Then, separately, sauteed broccoli stem rounds, green and red peppers, broccoli florets and TJ’s organic sprouted tofu with toasted sesame oil, garlic, ginger and salt. Meanwhile, I prepared one packet of plain Ichiban Saporo ramen noodles (no flavor packet). Added the green curry over the stir-fry and let it heat a bit more, then mixed in the ramen and added TJs blister peanuts on top. HELL YEAH!!! 10 out of 10. (And, yes, I moonlight as a chef in an industrial kitchen.)

  3. Wes

    I’m blown away by how good this is! I used to get TJ’s panang curry frozen meal, but it didn’t always feel worth eating as a main entree with the lack of tofu etc. I’ve also had their green curry & red rice meal before, which I liked but wasn’t my favorite. I wasn’t sure how this one would be, especially since the presentation leaves something to be desired. (I’m not talking about the picture on the box, but the container it’s in inside almost makes it look like an airplane meal.) However, after trying it, I can say that it’s easily now in my top 3 favorite frozen meals that Trader Joe’s has ever done. SO good!

    The rice tastes so much fresher than I would ever expect rice in a frozen meal to be. The sauce is perfect (has a spicy kick, but not so overboard that you’re chugging gallons of water with it). Great mix of vegetables and tofu, and the tofu sheets are excellent. Great texture, taste, everything! Also pretty filling.

  4. Ash

    Not that great to me, the vegetables were very sparse and the tofu was very minimal – only 2 small pieces.
    It wasn’t enough to keep me full, and I normally don’t eat much.
    I don’t personally recommend it, the jackfruit yellow curry is so much better

  5. SK

    Really good flavor, especially for frozen. Can’t disagree with other reviewers that it could use some more veggies and bean curd, but still tasty and reasonably filling for the box size. I would consider throwing some extra veggies or bean curd on your own if you have a bit of time to supplement, but really good on its own anyway.

    Doesn’t seem like first reviewer knows what bean curd is vs standard block tofu. This has bean curd so if that puts you off this probably isn’t for you. Don’t think it’s fair to knock points off cause you don’t like an ingredient that was listed on the front, haha.

  6. L Delaney

    Just delicious! A perfect amount of heat for me, I wouldn’t like any more. About a 5 out of 10. The broth on the rice is to die for. I can’t wait to buy more.

  7. Jenny

    This meal is absolutely delicious. The tofu is tasty and delicate, the curry is appropriately spicy and has amazing flavor!!!!

  8. Lisa

    The tofu sheets listed on the box was only one sheet that was thick and rubbery. I tasted it separate from the sauce and it had the most horrible flavor. I eat tofu all the time and never had any with this terrible taste and texture.

  9. Liza

    So surprised to love this! There is enough heat (first plus), the spices are very well balanced and fresh- I got a couple whole coriander seeds that were nice to chew, there was so much flavor in the sauce. It rivals my favorite takeout spot and is much easier than making from scratch. A note on the tofu: I didn’t know what a “tofu sheet” was and I was a little weary but after trying this meal I am going back to buy many more for my work lunches! The tofu sheet texture was a major plus for me and different from the typical cubes. The thinness keeps it from being a big bite of bland tofu and the texture held lots of sauce. 5/5 for me.

  10. Leslie

    This is fantastic! Few notes/tips:
    •it’s mostly rice and sauce. The sauce is fantastic and the rice is its delivery system. I’m ok with it!
    •where have tofu sheets been all my life? Take the time to gently stir what appears to be a tofu chunk with your fork and loosen it up, it is actually a roll of sheeted tofu. And it’s great.
    •I wont cook the rice the entire time next time. I will remove the rice after the initial 3 minutes, stir the curry and return it to the microwave til done.
    •it has heat, not too much in my opinion as I love heat and could wish for more..but if spice isn’t your thing this could be too much for you.

    It’s delicious and l look forward to having it again.

  11. Kathleen

    Very good – will get it again. Fairly spicy (I like spicy food), and some people may think it is too hot, so probably should have a heat warning. I liked the tofu sheets.

  12. Anonymous

    Taste authentic! On the spicier side, but tolerable. Love the bean curd! The one star reviews all seem to not know what that is… but if you know and love bean curd, this dish does it justice (perfectly al dente, not over cooked).

  13. Anonymous

    Horrible.. DO NOT BUY THIS!

  14. Anonymous

    Really delicious. A pleasant amount of spice and a delicious sauce. The tofu sheets are not for everyone but I loved them! It was the perfect size for lunch and super easy.

  15. Spiderman’s burner account

    A spice warning would’ve been appreciated, as it’s pretty spicy and sed spice lasts for a while. My main issue is how small this is, It’s really just not worth it. I don’t eat very fast and I was done within 4 minutes of taking it out of the microwave. There’s tofu in it apparently, but it’s like 1 very small piece that tasted very meh. Veg is alright, but there’s practically none in it. It’s mostly just rice and sauce.

  16. Pablo

    Excellent!… if you can’t take some heat or not familiar with tofu sheets then not for you… the product is very good.

  17. Michelle Johnson

    Its delicious, i love it. Please keep this in stock trader joes!!

  18. FF

    Excellent sauce, spicy and rich, but as others have said the tofu skin is unfortunately in gummy globs, the dish could use more veggies, and the rice cooks faster than the rest of it. I’m going to try working with different cook times and temperatures to see if I can get an improved texture on the rice and tofu, but the flavor of the dish makes up for the other shortcomings.

  19. Will S.

    Really tasty and high quality! I actually prefer tofu sheets to the type of square blobs of tofu that are in a lot of other stuff, and I love the texture. It also works really well with the sauce and veggies in it. Definitely recommend giving it a try if it sounds good to you! One of my all time favorite TJ’s frozen meals already. I hope they don’t discontinue it.

  20. Donna Mackey

    This dish was very good for frozen. I do agree that you might need to add your own ingredients to make it a meal. My complaint is the spiciness. I just feel that it should be listed on the box. For those that are familiar with Green Curry (or is it the red chili listed in the ingredients?), it might be normal but for someone trying out new things, it might be too much. I bought two Items from TJ frozen section that were spicy neither was marked. The other is was thrown away (what a waste).

  21. bg

    I love this so much! Tastes very authentic; as good as take out. Love the tofu sheets. Perfectly spicy. I add in veggies and skip the rice tho.

  22. Michelle

    I tried this for the first time today, and what a treat!! It’s flavorful (spicy) and well balanced. If you like green curry, It’s defiantly worth trying! Also the tofu sheets were yummy – a different texture than regular tofu, however perfect with the curry!

  23. Anonymous

    I randomly bought this. It’s so delicious! Spicy too!
    I’m not a vegan but I do enjoy tofu.

  24. suriya (so_suriya)

    This review is from a Thai person who actually green curry week base. This Green Curry Tofu sheet it amazing and to be vegan at that I was surprise. It nicely spice with a kick and authentic sauce. I notice peoples say the tofu is nasty but you not familiar to tofu sheet you may not like it but as a true Asian I am use to tofu sheet and i love the texture of it. Also for people who complain about the size and how much vegetable is in there at first i relate to them at first but then i look at the receipt is $3.99 for that boxes it worth it for the curry to have that richness of coconut milk. Also if you complain about the spiciness please move over and go get you some pasta and mac cheese. i am glad they made it spicy , if you go to Thailand it even more spicier. Please keep this forever and stop listen to the cheap and non spice& flavoring eating peoples

  25. Shenise

    Trader Joes please do not discontinue this. This green curry is good. I love the spice level but not for those that prefer mild heat. I would not change a thing. First time I tried tofu sheets but I like the texture of the sheets better than the block. I will be buying this again and again.

  26. Ted Joffs

    This is horrific! Chunky, yet slimey sheets of tofu (I generally love tofu), carrots that were neither hard nor soft and yet squishy mush on the inside. This looked nothing like the picture and was nothing but the taste of coconut milk and HEAT from peppers. Just not edible.

  27. Jess

    Lots of flavor. Not many veggies. Tofu was yummy. But it doesn’t say anything about heat on the box, and I don’t mind the heat… but it’s def strong and I wish I knew before I got it. Lol not everyone who buys this stuff knows what it supposed to taste like…I like to try new things all the time…and this was soooo spicey. Lol I might pass on it next time.

  28. Tracey Christianson

    I thought it was amazing. I always add 1-2 cups extra veg because that is how I roll. The sauce is great. I actually liked the tofu sheets and had to do a double check to make sure that it was not chicken. The quantity of rice was good for me as I always add extra veg.

  29. Quack

    Delicious. Nicely spiced curry. Tofu sheets have a great texture, similar to eggs in Chinese egg drop soup.

  30. A.B

    Out of this world! Ready in five minutes! The sauce is to die for and probably one of my favorite green curries to date! The portion is plentiful! I disagree with other reviews mentioning that the portion is too small! It is almost 500 calories! Add a little bit of chopped fresh basil and you’ve got yourself a very easy and very delicious meal in a matter of minutes!

  31. ZP

    Gosh that was delicious. Spicy and rich. The carrots were flavorful and not watery/mushy. Can’t wait to get more. please dont discontinue!

  32. Elllie Lo

    Wow, this is as good as I’ve ever had in any Thai restaurant – in fact better than most! The complaints about tofu sheets I 100% disagree with. I adore the texture, and far prefer it to chucks of normal tofu!

  33. Sheila

    Caution: Have felt sick after eating this twice. I know why did I eat it again right! I think it’s the tofu sheets

  34. Heather Gravois

    Delicious! One of my favorite frozen meals from TJs.

  35. Jim

    This is incredibly delicious! The tofu sheets can be teased apart into bite-sized shreds. The sauce is rich and fragrant, though seriously hot. The rice side cooks fast. Maybe after 3 minutes, cut the rice side off, put it aside, and nuke the veg/sauce for another 3 minutes. I enjoy it twice a week. If it wasn’t so hot, I might eat it daily.

  36. LadyinLA

    OMG loved it! I just tried this a few weeks ago, to try something new, and I was floored! Great spices, great flavor, great creaminess! I microwaved just the curry without the rice, put it in my small 1 qt casserole dish, and filled the rest with frozen cauliflower rice with a sprinkling of frozen peas. I add a dash of turmeric to the cauliflower, just a dash gives the cauli-rice a pale yellow color and just a hint of earthiness so it tastes more like rice. I was floored! I’d never had tofu sheets before, but they were flavorful. I would only prefer a bit more veggies and tofu. But all the flavors were spot on. I didn’t find it a few days ago so praying it’s not discontinued – must have!!

  37. Priya

    it is super spicy but it is so so good!! I LOVE THE TOFU SKIN

  38. Margaret V.

    I love this dish! It is a bit spicy, so I divide the rice and sauce into two portions/meals, and add about a cup of cooked vegetables into each portion. Sometimes potato, carrots, celery, squash, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, spinach, bell peppers, peas, any thing I have in the frig. Sometimes, I cook some of the extra veggies in almond milk, in the microwave and then add them to the divided meals, which tampers the heat of the sauce a little. Absolutely delicious!! One of my very favorite foods at Trader Joe’s!

  39. Ernie

    tofu is weird…. sauce good, added sugar, but @ trader joe’s that’s common

  40. Cara

    Absolutely delicious. Anyone familiar with tofu skins in asian cuisine will love the texture of the tofu, it’s totally bomb. This dish is pretty darn spicy, but in that great curry way where the addition of coconut milk makes it okay. One of my absolute favorite things at TJs.

  41. Anonymous

    Honestly my favorite frozen meal of all time. The tofu is great (although I wish it were more plentiful). The sauce is so rich and flavorful, especially since it’s vegan. Spice wise, it has a slight kick, but it’s not as hot as some people are making it out to be. Medium spice might even be a stretch. If you don’t like any spice, you won’t like this, but if you like authentic Thai flavor then you will love it.

  42. Sabrina Poirier

    Way too spicy!!! The burn your mouth kind not the flavorful kind.
    Rice was ok and tofu was good but I had to pick out each piece out of the sauce and let it drain to be able to eat it with the rice.
    Will not buy again.

  43. Heather

    So good and now I can’t find it

  44. stefman

    My favorite. It’s not too spicy if you like authentic Thai food. And the tofu skins are perfect. Love the sauce so much, I have to stop myself from eating this every day for lunch.

  45. GSL

    Hits the spot. Perfect flavor, heat level, and the tofu sheets are surprisingly pleasant in taste and texture. Could be a little bigger in portion size.

  46. Anonymous

    I cant believe how many positive reviews there are here. The taste is good but it is literally 90% rice. There are two small pieces of tofu and close to zero veggies. Last I checked no one needs to spend 6 dollars on white rice.

  47. Kass

    Probably my favorite frozen meal from here !

  48. Donna

    I don’t eat white rice. I eat brown so normally, I would take off a star. However, the sauce is just extraordinary. It is better than any dish I have had at any Thai restaurant around the country. I love how I can taste the delicious whole cumin and coriander seeds. Plus the tofu sheets (yuba) are such a rare treat. They are hard to make and also hard to find in stores. They are the cream of tofu. Maybe others are not aware that tofu sheets are a delicacy. The spice level was just right for me although I would not have minded more. Now if I could just continue to find this at my local TJ’s. It’s been missing lately. I hope they continue this (and add brown rice).

  49. Stacy

    I am obsessed with this.
    Pros: so flavorful!
    Great spice level
    Good assortment of veggies
    Nice sauce consistency
    Great to microwave

    Cons: not big enough! Lol

    I love having these in the freezer. If I’m being forgetful or lazy this is one microwaveable meal I actually look to eating for lunch. I know tofu skins (yuba) can be off-putting but I find these are great. I was hesitant to try but every one I’ve had has been delicious.

  50. Kristin

    My new favorite frozen meal from TJs!

    The flavor is a bit spicy, but not overwhelming. The tofu sheets are a nice complement to the sauce. I love the use of yuba instead of cubes. The texture and flavor are perfect.

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