Trader Joe’s Unscented Deodorant with Cotton Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unscented Deodorant with Cotton Reviews

  1. Jim Reimers

    Always worked well; stopped those pungent odors. Always left my skin unblemished. Use it everyday, for years. The best I have ever found. .

  2. judith azariya

    PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Best deodorant for sensitive skin! Works better than Tom’s. Doesn’t stain clothes either.

  4. Denise Caldwell

    The only deodorant that didn’t break my daughter out. Please bring it back

  5. Shawn Sebora

    This is the deodorant that I gave both my daughters to use when they first started wearing deodorant. I chose TJ’s on purpose due to the reputation of the company (no harmful substances). It worked very well and they did not break out from it. I used it too; I am a chiropractor and get warm working on my patients. Please bring this product back!!!

  6. Lydia Barlow

    Our absolute favorite natural deodorant, too. Looking for it everywhere. Here’s another vote to bring it back!

  7. Jared

    Is there any chance you could bring back this product? It’s head and shoulders above the competition and I miss it terribly.

  8. Chrissy Oberholtzer

    Love this deodorant. Only one that hasn’t stained clothes or caused rashes and actually works! Please bring it back!

  9. Kelly

    Best deodorant I’ve ever used! I’ve never been able to find a satisfying replacement since it was discontinued. Please bring it back!

  10. KPK

    Bought a dozen of these every year for about 10 years on annual trip to Arizona and now, unfortunately, finally running out. And it’s discontinued now? Say it ain’t so, Joe?! PLEASE BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK!!!


    Another very satisfied customer says PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  12. Barbara

    I have been very happy with this deodorant. Works well on my skin which gets itchy by using other deodorants… I love that this one is without aluminium, parabens and perfume. Sorry to hear that it’s discontinued. I have one left that I’m currently using.

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