Trader Joe’s Turkey Stock Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Stock Reviews

  1. Cee Hanes

    Really Good! Used it for dressing, gravy base and soup. Would like to see it available year round.
    Went back to store after Christmas to buy more, and found it was only available seasonally.
    Please consider having it available all year. Turkey doesn’t need to be enjoyed only on holidays.

  2. teri Sweatman

    3 stars only because of lack of information. I was going to use for gravy using cornstarch to thicken and then I read that there is yeast in the broth. Not sure if it is gluten free and my granddaughter has celiac disease. There is yeast in the stock and I am not sure if it is gluten free yeast or not so I did not use it last week. I will use sometime when she is not visiting

  3. Cynthia Cola

    Thought it was tasteless! Tossed it out.

  4. Kuguru

    Really good! Especially for stews.

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