Trader Joe’s Triple Cream Brie with Wild Mushrooms Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Triple Cream Brie with Wild Mushrooms Reviews

  1. BSF

    As close to heaven as you’re going to get here. Soft, spreads well and tastes like a bowl of thick, RICH mushroom soup. What’s not to love?

  2. KSL

    It’s wonderful with a baguette or ciabatta! I could live on it!

  3. J

    One of the best cheeses I’ve tried! 5/5 for me! Great price, great quality! Love to treat myself to this cheese once in a while.

  4. Duke

    I love mushroom but why is this taste so bad???

  5. Connie

    An exceptional cheese. Mild and creamy with a really wonderful but not overbearing mushroom flavor. Melt it down and it smells (and looks) exactly like semen. Im always sure to have some in my fridge.

  6. TMC

    Took this on a boat trip today and everyone LOVED it!. Wished we would have had 2 rather than 1! It was so creamy and what a wonderful mushroom flavor throughout. Amazingly delicious!

  7. Anonymous

    We call this rude cheese because we first tried it with three of us having a polite dinner party. Once we tried the cheese, all bets were off and things got wild as we fought for our share of the wedge. Only one person got punched, though.

  8. Nanci Fragassi

    Unbelievably great taste!!!!!!

  9. Bruce Gordon

    So delicious, it’s one of our favorite TJ’s product. If you leave it out at room temp for at least 8 hrs, it becomes truly heavenly.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    FN delightful

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