Trader Joe’s Traditional Pot Roast Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Traditional Pot Roast Reviews

  1. Crystal

    I love this pot roast. Throw in some potatoes and veggies and it’s a full, real meal, for a family. Microwave and done. Unlike the carnitas (still delicious) that require a lot more ingredients for tacos, the pot roast stands on its own. I especially love it in the cold winter months. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! I went to two TJs looking for an easy “home cooked meal” for when family was in town and they told me it was discontinued. I’m very disappointed. It was my highest recommended item at TJs.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, I got the same sad news. I think it was getting a little expensive and the last couple I bought had a high amount of inedible fat in it, so maybe people stopped buying it, or complained about price/quality.

  3. Lesley Squires

    I’m missing it too!

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