Trader Joe’s Tomato Feta Soup Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tomato Feta Soup Reviews

  1. Jen

    Soooo good! Tastes like a tomato soup you would get at a high end restaurant!!

  2. Renee M.

    I am a creamy tomato fanatic and this is some of the best that I have tasted. This soup is not overly pureed and creamy. It is just right. It has chunks of tomatoes, bits of onions, and pieces of basil. It is nearly PERFECT. Receives bonus points because the entire container is only 300 calories.

  3. Gabrielle K

    This soup has changed my life.

  4. Florence Sugarman

    Really loved the soup at the beginning, but later batches there were too many chunks of tomatoes leaving the skins, hard to digest.

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