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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Toasted Oatmeal Flakes Reviews

  1. Dave

    These are fantastic!
    Only problem is no local store. Please consider the Melbourne, Florida area.

  2. maria

    my husband’s favorite of any cereal on the market. Thank you, Trader Joe. We love this cereal!

  3. Katie

    I don’t do milk with my cereal and these are so hard to chew -the glaze makes the flakes not crispy but not soft. Perhaps it’s not as bad if you eat it with milk.

  4. Elena Hilmo

    Please, please bring back this cereal, it’s the best and now I have been told it’s been discontinued. I could strangle my husband for getting into my boxes I had of this brand of cereal. If you want to save a life you will start produce this cereal again. I’d give it 20 stars

  5. Jackie Fabisch

    The best cereal! Great taste. Healthy. The only flakes that stay crispy in milk. I have sent my friends and family to their local TJ to look for leftover boxes. I’m so upset that they are discontinued.

  6. Pam

    Please reconsider and bring this cereal back!!!! Why would you discontinue such a popular product??? Everyone I know loves the Toasted Oatmeal Flakes including my whole family! I make special trips to Trader Joe’s for this cereal.

  7. Gary Bishop

    Best cereal I’ve ever found. I use milk on my cereal, and the first flake cereal to stay crispy/crunchy right through to the end of each bowlful.

  8. Ken

    LOVED this cereal and can’t find it ANYMORE! I am NOT HAPPY! Wherever Trader Joe’s CEO is, wake UP and RE-STOCK this ITEM! NOT HAPPY!

  9. A Lemke

    Best cereal ever and it’s been discontinued. It was the main reason I drove 45 minutes to get to TJ’s. I do hope they reconsider their plan and bring back.

  10. M Burke

    What? I’m reading this cereal is discontinued. This was the best cereal on the shelf. Great flaked that never got soggy in milk. My family is so disappointed. Ugh.

  11. MJP

    I already commented directly to your web site – how do you discontinue the best cereal in the world? Are you INSANE?

  12. Sharon

    Why are you discontinuing this cereal? It’s the only cereal I eat. All other cereals get soggy in the milk. I’m really disappointed please reconsider.

  13. JOHN D

    My favorite breakfast cereal of all time. I know it was well loved because it was often sold out even when it was NOT discontinued. You had a lock on this product – nothing else compares. BRING IT BACK!!!

  14. Christopher Culp

    Bring it back Please! Help!

  15. Anonymous

    This was my go to cold cereal perfect with some fresh blueberries. Please bring it back! there is nothing else similar or half as good at Trader Joe’s at the moment.


    I drive an hour just for this cereal. Sure I buy other things but they can be found a lot closer. Please give me reason to come back!

  17. Orly

    This is the best cereal. My entire family loves it and I cannot find anything comparable on the market. Please bring it back! It used to fly off the shelves.

  18. NW

    My kids grew up on this cereal and are devastated that it has been discontinued! Please bring it back!

  19. Renee Satchel

    What were TR thinking when they discontinued this particular cereal. It was thee best, I grabbed 3 boxes each time I shopped. Please reconsider!

  20. Dwight Shepard

    I love this cereal. I can’t find it anywhere.

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