Trader Joe’s Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates Pizza Reviews

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32 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates Pizza Reviews

  1. Kathy Willey

    Horrible product! Will not cook properly. You end up with a big doughy mess. This has happened to me both times I purchased it. Avoid it!!

  2. Michelle

    I agree with Kathy’s review– did not get as crispy as the Ham and onion pizza, which appears to have the same crust.

    I also really REALLY disliked the mustard on this pizza. I didn’t realize it was there, and thought I tasted mustard as I was eating it… confirmed it on the box after some searching. Not a fan at all.

  3. Adele

    Couldn’t eat it because it fell apart in the oven. It said to cook directly on the rack but it wasn’t sturdy enough for that. Made such a mess.

  4. Evelyn Shobin

    Can’t believe the negative reviews for this product. It is SO good! Two things I did differently from package instructions: I cooked it on a cookie sheet, not directly on the oven rack; and I baked it for 13 to 14 minutes, not just 10. Delicious! I’ll buy it again and again.

  5. AKF

    I had the same trouble as the other reviews. It fell apart so I couldn’t cook it directly on the rack. So, like the other reviewer, I too cooked it on a cookie sheet for over 10 minutes. Edges got crispy but it was a doughy mess in the middle. I liked the flavor, but had to “spoon it” to eat it…will not buy again.

  6. Mandy Frevele

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Rose

    I have been miserably bloated since eating this pizza a couple hours ago. I do not have any dietary restrictions that I know of but something in this pizza did not agree with me. I was already annoyed by the way this pizza fell apart and made a nasty goopy mess in my oven, and now in my stomach too!

  8. Brier

    Agreed — tasty but cooked to complete MUSH when following instructions! Way too thin crust, maybe, or just bad design. You can’t eat it like a regular flatbread pizza — you WILL get messy. Won’t buy again ever.

  9. Jacqueline Hernandez-Barrow

    Very Tasty, worth the time to figure out how to get a crisp crust. I placed it on a rack over a cookie sheet and raised the temp to 460. Still very tasty but still soggy in the middle. Will try again.

  10. Shelly

    Mine came out perfect, but I used a countertop convection oven at 425 for about 14 or 15 minutes. It was thin & crispy.

  11. W

    Same problem as everyone else…did it on a cookie sheet and complete mush in the middle!

  12. Jazz

    I also have that soggy center, But I LOVE the taste.
    It’s Not a PIZZA,the center; that everyone calls “DOUGH” is actually melted Brie
    maybe the crust below that tasty mess should be slightly thicker, I will still be buying it

  13. Mmm…!

    We got a crispy, flaky, awesome crust! I was surprised to read the soggy-bottom reviews! We cooked this in an air fryer, which only went to 400 so we cooked it for 12 minutes and it was actually a bit burned, and the crust was crispy and flaky and really awesome, it held together really well, ’twas fine when held like pizza. The melty-warm brie was so creamy and a bit browned on top, the cherry tomatoes were so flavorful they tasted garden-sun and vine-ripened; and the fresh basil rounded off these simple, elegant flavors, textures, aromas in a surprising and amazing whole that tastes so much more than the sum of it’s simple parts; so super-tasty together, I have to go get another one this weekend. The next one I’ll try on-the-rack over a cookie sheet; perhaps higher temp, longer time, for a well-done pizza. We shall see how that endeavor & experiment goes. I would totally recommend trying this Trader Joe’s Brie and Tomato French Tarte Pizza taste sensation! Those French chefs really lived up to their reputation and hit a home run with this one. It is really super-tasty and crisped up nicely in an air fryer; looking forward to trying another one tomorrow, mmm…!

  14. Mmm…!

    Addendum to my previous review: we also let the Brie & Tomato French Tarte Pizza “rest” or cool for about 3 minutes before cutting into it. That helps with regular pizza, too. And almost, but not quite, everything out of a hot oven.

  15. Jackie

    I placed my tarte on a cookie sheet that I preheated in the oven till it was quite hot, placed the tarte on it and baked at the suggested temperature for about 15 min. I slid a knife under it to test for crispiness. It turned out perfect. I will definitely buy this again as it was delicious.

  16. Jackie

    I placed my tarte on a cookie sheet that I preheated in the oven till it was quite hot, placed the tarte on it and baked at the suggested temperature for about 15 min. I slid a knife under it to test for crispiness. It turned out perfect. I will definitely buy this again as it was delicious.

  17. Oleg

    Great product. Love it more than any other types that TJ offers.

  18. Shelly

    This is my absolute favorite Trader Joe’s item, but you have to eat it within 5 minutes of coming out of the oven, otherwise the center goes mushy. I cook mine on a round aluminum pizza pan. I cook it for an extra 5-7 minutes, then I let it sit in the hot oven for about 10 minutes more while the oven cools down. This helps it stay crispy longer.

  19. Jane B and Logan S

    Wish I could give this ZERO stars. No NEGATIVE stars. We call this the sh** pizza

  20. Lane

    Don’t know what people are complaining about… figure out how to cook a pizza til your liking… I cooked mine 15 mins. It’s absolutely delicious. Thin, buttery crust, and the most delightful melty brie and tomatoes. Will be a new staple buy. Sooo tasty.

  21. Lane

    And I’m sorry — let’s call it a tarte (as stated on the box) not a pizza and maybe people won’t be so disappointed.

  22. Jocelyn Duckworth

    The flavor is incredible and the crust is gourmet. Wow. So good. It does fall apart so cook it on it sheet!!! So worth it though for the flavor.

  23. LINDA

    I was looking so forward to this pizza but….it was horrible. Crust was a mess…

  24. Meme

    Wonderful! My favorite! When will they be back in stock! Never had a problem cooking them!!!

  25. Maria

    So soggy and turns into weird cheese soup

  26. Wendy Vlahos

    Wow, very surprised at the negative reviews! We followed the directions, and it is delicious!
    Maybe cook longer ( a minute or 2 more) than what it suggests? Crispy and very much like a flatbread pizza.
    Definitely buying again!

  27. J. Astor

    If you dislike this pizza, you also most likely dislike thin, foldable, NYC style pizza. This is a great alternative. It’s not Domino’s. It is a light, thin, appetizer- like pizza. Crepe style. Delicious toppings combo on a melt in your mouth, THIN crust. If you need to be full of dough, this isn’t for you.

  28. Hans Luneburg

    The best frozen pizza I ever had.
    Defrosted the pizza first,cooked at 450 for 12 minutes on a cookie sheet ,sprayed with Pam.
    Came out perfect and delicious.

  29. BT @ SueNRays


  30. Jill

    I honestly am so surprised at how many people said that this pizza turned to mush or that they couldn’t get the crust to be crispy. The instructions don’t say to place directly on the rack, they say to place on a cookie sheet and then on the rack. I let it bake for 13 minutes on the bottom rack and let it cool for just a couple of minutes. Super crispy and tasty.

  31. sara lee

    I’m honestly surprised how many people said this pizza wasn’t a bowl of soggy cheese in the center! I followed the directions as instructed. 450, on a cooking sheet and baked for just under 15 minutes. The outer crust was crispy but the center was nearly liquid. I had to use a spoon to scoop it. I came here to see if anyone else had the same experience and am very curious as to why it’s split. I have a gas oven. Maybe it matters? Maybe it doesn’t? Also maybe baking on the bottom rack helps? The flavors were great but ewww. Half of the pizza was mush.


    Soggy disgusting mess would not buy again

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