Trader Joe’s Tahini Sauce Reviews

(14 customer reviews)

14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Tahini Sauce Reviews

  1. Evan

    This stuff is sooo good. It’s creamy and delicious, and tastes like the kind of tahini you’d get in a Mediterranean plate at a restaurant. The expiration date was also two months from the date of purchase, so plenty of time to devour the whole thing!

  2. Lena

    I love this. It’s like hummus-y, but with a little more of a kick.

  3. jamie

    This is sheer gold. The diet i’m on doesn’t allow hummus and frankly, I’ve come to like this stuff more than hummus anyway! Pair that with some TJs sugar snap peas and we’re set for a BOMB snack!

  4. Wes

    This is ridiculously good. Texture, taste, everything – one of my favorite Trader Joe’s dips.

  5. Sass Crawford

    Have they discontinued this? I haven’t been able to find it in weeks…

  6. Rick W.

    TJ’s tahini sauce is amazing. Easily as good as any that I’ve had at any restaurant. However, I’m worried that it’s gone for good — I know it was temporarily recalled recently, but as with most recalls, I assumed it would be coming back shortly.

    I think it’s been over a month now, with no sign of their tahini in it’s usual area (at least at the California Trader Joe’s locations I’ve checked). Maybe I’ll ask an employee next time — I’ll be so sad if this is gone for good!

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