Trader Joe’s Stuffed Queen Sevillano Olives Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Stuffed Queen Sevillano Olives Reviews

  1. Elizabeth s

    I just opened a new jar of these olives. I am making dirty vodka martinis. The brine tastes ok but the actual olives taste dirty or maybe even a bit mildewy. They kind of taste like they have been sitting on an old sponge for a week. It’s weird. I don’t think they are spoiled. They are just gross.

  2. Diane Kinney

    Just finished the first jar of these I ever had-a gift from my son in law.
    I totally enjoyed them. Not to bitter, no aftertaste and they were very firm and just tasty. Very good.

  3. Paul Slansky

    The best green olives made.

  4. Kathie C

    I but these all the time, when I can find them. they are delicious. I pop them in my mouth for a snack and three of them really accent an extra dry Bombay Sapphire martini.

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