Trader Joe’s Stuffed Queen Sevillano Olives Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Stuffed Queen Sevillano Olives Reviews

  1. Elizabeth s

    I just opened a new jar of these olives. I am making dirty vodka martinis. The brine tastes ok but the actual olives taste dirty or maybe even a bit mildewy. They kind of taste like they have been sitting on an old sponge for a week. It’s weird. I don’t think they are spoiled. They are just gross.

  2. Diane Kinney

    Just finished the first jar of these I ever had-a gift from my son in law.
    I totally enjoyed them. Not to bitter, no aftertaste and they were very firm and just tasty. Very good.

  3. Paul Slansky

    The best green olives made.

  4. Kathie C

    I but these all the time, when I can find them. they are delicious. I pop them in my mouth for a snack and three of them really accent an extra dry Bombay Sapphire martini.

  5. Paul

    My favorite Dirty Tito Martini olive, unfortunately my local Trader Joe’s isn’t carrying them. At least for the past several months. Compared to other Queen olives I had, these top them all.

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