Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Reviews

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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Shrimp Fried Rice Reviews

  1. Tracy Hammond

    Hi – my kid and I love the chicken fried rice and we usually have it with the pork or chicken pot stickers for lazy cooking night. Thought I would try the shrimp fried rice. Big mistake – way too spicy and I am no spice wimp either. The cilantro was also overpowering. My kid couldn’t eat it at all and we ended up dumping 2 bags of it in the garbage. Sorry, but the Thai Shrimp fried rice really misses the mark. I now get the peeled and deveined frozen shrimp and throw it in with the chicken fried rice.

  2. rydog

    Got this for my lunch break, it’s so gross i threw it all out. Literally terrible. And I love Trader Joe’s food choices, but this – wow.

  3. H. Mudra

    This fried rice was the most delicious and perfect flavor out of all of Trader Joe’s selections. The basil tasted fresh and flavored the rice perfectly. The rice, itself, was moistly tender and fragrantly spiced with hints of lemongrass and coconut milk. Each bag also included a generous portion of shrimp, which came out juicy and plump, and unlike most frozen seafood, exuded absolutely no fishy, stale after-taste. With a minimal amount of work, I could feast on a fragrant, steaming bowl of Thai fried rice, which would be the closest thing to actually ordering off the menu at a restaurant. Bravo, Trader Joe’s! You nailed it…can’t figure out why anyone would give this dish negative reviews. I will be making a special trip to my local store to stock up and hoard as if for an upcoming apocalypse. PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE!

  4. Jeannette

    The first 2 reviews obviously dont eat thai food. This is very good. There isnt cilantro in it, but there are lime leaves like most thai dishes have. This dish is very flavorful and the spice level is perfect. I did add more shrimp because I love protein.

  5. fomalhaut

    This fried rice is my favorite. It has a perfect balance between chili spice and lemongrass freshness. It is way more flavorful than the mediocre Japanese edamame fried rice. Some people might be uncomfortable with the smell of lemongrass, but if you love Thai/Vietnam food then you must try this one.

    I used to eat a ton of this fried rice when I lived in LA. The taste was so good and the portion of shrimp was hard to complain given the price. After moving to NYC, I gave my first visit to the Queens store last month, and was unfortunately not able to find this Thai fried rice. Missing it so much!

  6. Laura Schaeffer

    I’m so glad I tried this! This is my new favorite TJ frozen food! I’ve been craving it since I tried it last week and I ate the whole thing in one sitting. It was that good. Mind you I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours but still. The flavor is amazing. Felt like I was in the best Thai restaurant. Perfect blend of Thai basil and lemongrass and just spicy enough.

  7. Jasmine Sitvarin

    Taste like spicy pine soap. Gross.

  8. jonathan

    i was surprised how good this is. i live in thai town in los angeles and have my pick of LA’s best thai but this was better in some cases and reminds me of the better ‘east coast thai’. level of spice was mild. very tasty! my only complaint was that the rice was a bit mushy and on the dry side but i think thats to be expected for a frozen rice dish. product of thailand.

  9. Danielle

    I really hate this lol. I usually get the chicken fried rice but they were out so I figured this would be comparable but I hate it. Such an odd flavor. I even tried to smother it in yumyum sauce. I definitely would skip this.

  10. Ashley

    Too spicy. Overpowering spices that taste odd. Small shrimps.

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