Trader Joe’s Sockeye Salmon Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sockeye Salmon Reviews

  1. Devin Prutsman

    I’m not a fan of this canned salmon at all. It’s mushy and littered with both bones and skin. I know the canning process softens the bones to make them edible but I couldn’t get past the mouth feel. The skin isn’t such a big deal; I actually enjoy salmon skin most of the time. I think it just weirded me out along with the bones and mushy texture.

    I guess I was expecting it to be more like the bulk pack of canned salmon I bought from a warehouse club whose Signature brand is named after Kirkland, Washington. Their’s is boneless, skinless, and the meat has a more firm texture.

    I guess not every product can be a winner to every customer. This will only be the second time in more than a decade where I’ll be using Trader Joe’s very generous return policy.

    No hard feelings; I still love ya Trader Joe’s!

  2. N. Reid

    I like it!!!

  3. Keith Markman

    I love that the TJ sockeye salmon has skin bones. They contain nutrients that are not found in the rest of the salmon. All I have to do is mash it up with a fork, and voila the skin and bones are mixed in. This is my go to fish for salads. Tuna, which is much more widely used for salads, contains a higher degree of mercury, whereas salmon does not.

  4. Trader Joe

    Tons of bones, it’s gross. Costcos variant is significantly better! Never buying this disgusting excuse of salmon again.

  5. Naviidex

    Tons of vertebrae and bones!! Not edible!!! Disgusting

  6. VivaR

    Very good canned sockeye salmon. I’ve tried a number of different brands and this ranks amongst the best. Good texture, good color and very good flavor. (note- It’s supposed to have a skin and bones, in fact they contribute greatly to its nutrition. If you don’t like that you need to buy skinless and boneless canned salmon but don’t
    Give a poor rating because it contains them.)

  7. Anonymous

    Hands down the best canned salmon I’ve had. Don’t be scared off by the bones and skin…this is supposed to have them in there and one of the reasons I continue to buy it.

  8. Monica

    This is the best most nutritious canned salmon available-(YES, the soft bones contribute calcium and the bits of skin contain higher amounts of Onegas-3s than the flesh-so it’s ALL GOOD. Just mix it all in together and you’re set!. And on top of that, it’s LESS EXPENSIVE per ounce than other brands! Thank you Trader Joe’s!

  9. Lafaun

    So glad I found this “old fashioned” canned salmon, i.e., with a bit of bones and skin, since those things add greatly to the nutritious profile of the product. That’s the canned salmon I grew up with and enjoyed in my Mon’s salmon cakes. I remember asking her “Aren’t you going to take out the bones?” And she said, “No. You just mix it in. It’s good for you.” Also, I find this salmon to be luscious and oily so I can eat it straight out the can with bo dressing of any sort. Enjoy!

  10. Sam

    Excellent flavor, great price. I always have a few cans on hand at home.

  11. Steven B

    It’s good! Great taste & texture for canned product. Yes it has bits of skin & bone, which is why I bought this specific one, but it would be nice if they made it clearer that it contains them.

  12. Amanda

    LOVE that it contains the skin and bones – they’re edible (hardly noticeable when mixed in) and super nutrient dense.

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