Trader Joe’s Sockeye Salmon Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sockeye Salmon Reviews

  1. Devin Prutsman

    I’m not a fan of this canned salmon at all. It’s mushy and littered with both bones and skin. I know the canning process softens the bones to make them edible but I couldn’t get past the mouth feel. The skin isn’t such a big deal; I actually enjoy salmon skin most of the time. I think it just weirded me out along with the bones and mushy texture.

    I guess I was expecting it to be more like the bulk pack of canned salmon I bought from a warehouse club whose Signature brand is named after Kirkland, Washington. Their’s is boneless, skinless, and the meat has a more firm texture.

    I guess not every product can be a winner to every customer. This will only be the second time in more than a decade where I’ll be using Trader Joe’s very generous return policy.

    No hard feelings; I still love ya Trader Joe’s!

  2. N. Reid

    I like it!!!

  3. Keith Markman

    I love that the TJ sockeye salmon has skin bones. They contain nutrients that are not found in the rest of the salmon. All I have to do is mash it up with a fork, and voila the skin and bones are mixed in. This is my go to fish for salads. Tuna, which is much more widely used for salads, contains a higher degree of mercury, whereas salmon does not.

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