Trader Joe’s Simply Lite Dark Chocolate Bars Reviews

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Sugar free, 50% cacao.

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77 reviews for Trader Joe’s Simply Lite Dark Chocolate Bars Reviews

  1. Doris Hall

    It has been months without a chocolate bar that was memorable from the ability to savor and melt in your mouth with almonds driving your taste buds into chocolate heaven.
    Upon my first bar devoured to the very last bite, I read the packaging and yelled “Bravo Trader Joe’s”! Yes, these morsels of chocolate will please everyone who wants to enjoy a pleasurable chocolate retreat without the guilt of calorie overdrive. Thank you Trader Joe’s Simply is simply delicious!

  2. Robert

    your dark chocolate bars are great,but are they going to be back in stock soon,it seems they’re never on the shelves anymore?Are they seasonal or something?

  3. Norman

    This IS the best chocolate bar I have ever had but found out today when trying to buy some more that it has been DISCONTINUED. WHY?

  4. DaveI

    Why has this chocolate bar been discontinued? I’m a Type 1 Diabetic person and this was
    one thing that I could eat and enjoy. Everything that I purchased at TRADER JOE’s has eventually
    been discontinued. I’m now down to buying one item as over the years you discontinued everything
    else that I purchased. Now you discontinue this as well…As far as I can see TRADER JOE’s is nothing more
    now than a place to purchase BOOZE and Sugary cr#p!

  5. chris

    Another fantastic product that sells well being discontinued. Very disappointed in Trader Joes yet again. Bad enough this product was always out of stock and you had to grab a bunch when they came back in. No reason was given why Simply Lite is gone nor is there a similar product taking its place. Kind of over Trader Joes at this point. Happened to many times.

  6. Jane

    my husband is diabetic and loves these. Amazon wants $23 for 2 bars…… that’s right — $10 a bar. What has happened????

  7. Susan Bernard

    Please, please, please reverse the discontinuation of this fabulous chocolate! This has been my dessert for 10 years. Why stop a good thing? And without warning to diehard fans? Please reconsider! There is no comparable sugar-free chocolate bar to be found anywhere. We’d love to see TJ’s bring back this product. Thank you!

  8. Emmanuela Raquelle

    PLEASE bring back the simply light confectionery chocolate bars!!

  9. Jennifer C.


  10. Dan Rich

    I’ve been enjoying this candy bar for over 10 years years now. 2 squares a day with coffee. I am diabetic and this is one of the few treats that taste just like the real thing. Why would you discontinue it without even an explanation. It doesn’t make sense. I tried to speak to the manufacturer in NY but they don’t even have a customer service number. Please try to bring this back or at least something similar.



  12. Laura S

    I too love this product and was very sadden when I was at Trader Joe’s to pick up some more bars and was told that they discontinued it. I join the others asking to have this product brought back.

  13. Roxanne Henry

    Please bring back the Simply Lite chocolate bars! Just found out today by the store manager, after a month of waiting to restock that TJ’s has discontinued this awesome product! My husband is diabetic and there is nothing else out there for him that compares to this! Please ! Please!! Amazon is selling 10 bars for $109.00! Someone on Ebay is selling these also for an outrageous price!

  14. Lynn M

    It is sad that Trader Joes has stopped carrying this product over a price dispute from what I have heard. Please bring it back and let your customers decide if the price is to high! You have made many of your customers unhappy with your decision. Please reconsider!!!!

  15. Florie Matthews

    I am with all of the above. I have been eating a couple of squares of Simply Lite with my morning coffee for years.I have only 2 bars left. I too was told it was discontinued by a clerk. When I have time to spend there I would like to get an explanation.

  16. David

    I agree with all the outrage about the Simply Light chocolate. I have 4 squares after lunch while I do the crossword. It’s my favorite time of day. After being told they were discontinued, I went to 2 other TJs and found a trove at the third store. I apologize to my fellow chocolate lovers but I bought 50 bars and put them in the fridge. Desperate times call for desperate measures! BRING BACK SIMPLY LIGHT!

  17. Vicki Simmons

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the Simply Lite 50% dark sugar free chocolate. So upset they are gone!

  18. Chere Cordaro

    I just don’t get it! You have a real winner that people love and you discontinue it. First it was the breadsticks and now the Simply Lite chocolate bars. Who knows how many more favorites will be disappearing. It’s obvious from the other reviews that these bars are a popular item loved by people who just like the flavor as well as those of us who need to watch our sugar intake.
    Come on Trader Joe’s you can do better!!!

  19. Stacy Tuohy

    Please bring back simply lite chocolate with almonds!

  20. Anonymous

    Please bring these back! Have tried other brands thinking it was a temporary supply issue at your warehouses but they aren’t anywhere near as good. These were popular at my store as they did sell out frequently. You carry plenty of sugar-rich chocolate bars already, please keep the sugar-free options which took up very little shelf space.

  21. Carolyn

    Please, please, please bring these back! There’s nothing that comes close as a substitute. I admit, I have stopped at T.J.’s just for these… and always end up with a cart-full of everything else to fill my bags.

  22. s

    I am fructose intolerant and these are the only chocolates that I can eat. Please bring them back.

  23. Sonia

    Please reconsider and bring back this chocolate. It is my only sugar-free dessert option due to health issues. Please, please

  24. KTinKC


  25. CVale

    Another disgruntled customer for whom this might be the last straw. You’ve really taken away all of the foods that made my happy.

  26. Florie

    In my research I found that the FDA pulled Simply Lite (simply because it did not list the ingredient “milk protein” which some people may be allergic to. ” Simple fix”. List it in the ingredients and give us our bar back please.

  27. Carolyn

    Now I know why I can’t find Simply Lite chocolate bars at Trader Joe’s anymore :/

  28. Susan

    Ditto what Florie said. Yes, please stock again. A Simple Pleasure in life!

  29. Kerena

    These candy bars are what brings us into Trader Joe’s. I just found out they are discontinued. Why? Please reconsider.

  30. Tim

    These are excellent chocolate bars with no sugar added, but TJ’s has recently discontinued them. I was told it was because of slow sales. However, I see a lot of different chocolate items sold in the closest TJ’s and I find it hard to believe these were not selling well enough to keep in stock. If anything the stores seem to be overloaded with chocolate options, some of which are new and apparently being tested for response. These Simply Lite bars are obviously getting many positive reviews here and urging from customers to restore them to the stores. I hope TJ’s will bring these back. I’ve discovered they are very hard to find elsewhere, and in online sales platforms I’ve seen the price is two or three times what TJ’s price had been.

  31. Gerda

    I’m missing this chocolate BIG TIME. Please bring it back.

  32. Lori

    As a pre-diabetic, this was the best sugar-free dark chocolate bar I’ve ever had. Please bring it back!

  33. Jacqui

    Love these chocolate bars and Trader Joe’s is making visit every store in Miami to find them! Please don’t stop buying them, they’re great.

  34. Julie Cauthron

    Please bring back the Simply Lite chocolate bars, I have enjoyed them for 10 years! Nothing else like it. Please reconsider.
    Thank you
    Julie C

  35. Holly Foster

    We travel all over the country. These bars are always in demand. The topic comes up with every cashier because of the quantity we purchase. This product brings us into the store when on the road. I can purchase most of the other items we buy from a store closer to our hotel but I will drive across town for the simply lite chocolate bars. Then while I’m in the store I will do the rest of my shopping. Please bring back the bars. People are being ripped off by Amazon scalpers. HELP US!!!!

  36. Michele

    Please let us know why these have been discontinued! By all the responses they are obviously a favorite to those of us trying to avoid sugar!

  37. Thomas Joseph

    Simply the best sugar free dark chocolate. Being a diabetic, this was a guilt free pleasure for which I used to frequent TJ’s. Very disappointed that TJ’s has discontinued the chocolate. Please bring it back.

  38. Margaret Cummings

    Please bring back the Simply Lite no sugar chocolate bars. I am so sad that you discontinued them. Sugar makes my whole body hurt plus being diabetic they were the one yummy pleasure that didn’t hurt me. Please please please bring them back!

  39. Deborah S

    Very disappointed that these have been discontinued. I know they were a hit as they frequently sold out! They cannot be found anywhere else! Please bring them back!

  40. Michael Havel

    Please bring this product. As a Type 2 diabetic and a square or two of the Simply Lite chocolate bar is a great desert option after dinner. Please bring it back!

  41. CW

    Please bring this back!!

  42. Brett

    Please bring it back. It was one of our staples. 🙁

  43. KABR

    Mr. Trader Joe – listen to your shoppers. Please bring this item back. It was one of the main reasons I shopped at your store. We’d stock up for several households. And I have recommended it and given it as gifts to friends and family for many years. And then they would shop at your store = more sales! I’ll have to ask another small grocer if they’ll stock it but would rather give my business to you.

  44. lalym

    HELP!! Please bring back the Simply Lite chocolate bars. My brother (80) and I (77) are both diabetic and this chocolate bar has provided us with a very rare treat. The Dark Chocolate bar is as good as, if not better than, any other of its type I have encountered. Thanks for having carried them. Now, please bring them back!

  45. Rick

    Has there been any response or intent to bring back the Simply Lite Chocolate? Was it discontinued by TJ’s or the Supplier? Trader Joe’s could at least provide the companies contact so it can be purchased from them if still in business. Getting overcharged on line is unreasonable.

  46. joe

    Bring the damn dark chocolate bars BACK

  47. Margaret Cummings

    I just paid $5.55 per bar on They come in packs of nine. So about 50 bucks for the pack. I went there this morning and there are 16 left. At least someone has them for now. I would rather pay Trader Joe’s and buy them there. Please bring them back!

  48. Lisa

    I’m rating a 5 on the chocolate bar and a 1 for discontinuing them without a substitute. I’m with everyone else on please bring these back! I am a dark chocolate lover who has a cane sugar allergy. It has been very difficult to find any chocolate bars without cane sugar. These were delicious and very reasonably priced. If for some reason you can’t bring this brand back, please find a replacement!

  49. J. Sanders

    PLEASE bring back the Simply Lite sugar free chocolate bars!! They were the BEST sugar free bars on the market and very reasonably priced. PLEASE!!!

  50. R. Wagner

    Why bother to have reviews if NO ONE in management listens?? As a former CMO of a $2B global online business I can pinpoint your “slow sales” problem: poor shelf management! No one is paying attention to see this excellent product was almost always out-of-stock when I came in SPECIFICALLY to buy it. You can’t sell what you haven’t ordered! Specialty products drive store visits. I can buy avocados anywhere. Plug in and pay attention to what actually drives business!!

  51. Wants Sugar Free

    Love Simply Lite Chocolate Bars and really disappointed to learn TJ’s has discontinued them. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s out of your control. However, if it is in your control, nay encourage you to rethink that decision. I drive 4 hours to my nearest TJ’s and always plan on stocking up on these and a few other items that I can only get at TJ’s or online. Simply Lite are are far better than competitors like Lilly’s in my opinion. And as a former diabetic, I’ve discovered there are not many ‘sugar free’ options let alone options that taste good and aren’t an arm and leg expensive. Simply Lite fit those needs. I now have less reason to stop at TJ’s when I’m in town.

  52. Choco Lover

    To all chocolate bar posters….this site is not affiliated with Trader Joes.
    Simply Lite was sold to another manufacturer, no mention of whether any SL products will be continued.

  53. DeWitt Kendall

    Love these. After we moved closer to a Whole Foods these chocolate bars were the only thing that I made a trip to Trader Joe’s for. So that’s gone. Now I just go to Whole Foods for everything. This was the best tasting 50% coco bar out there. If they had slow sales on these perhaps it was whoever made the boneheaded decision to merchandise them where everyone is standing at the line to checkout instead of with the other chocolates. If I had to climb over people in the next line over to get at them It sometimes was just too difficult and people are cranky when you try.

  54. James Ansley

    The rating is SPECIFICALLY for this chocolate bar. What are you thinking TJs??? BRING THIS CHOCOLATE BACK! You could double the price and I’d still buy it.

  55. Jack Feldstein

    I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s in Sarasota literally since the day that it opened and have buying these bars at Trader Joe’s for years, along with many other items at least 2 to 3 times a month. Many other items that I liked have also been discontinued. Your decision to stop this item is the final st raw.

    I have decided not to shop at trader Joe’s any more. I am sure I am not the largest customer at this store, however if I spend about $100.00 on each visit YOU LOSE $3,600 PER YEAR just from me shopping there. Usually paying in cash.

    It seems to me that the Sarasota store has been opened about 10 years & as I said I was there the day it opened. In the next 10 years you will lose $36,000 in sales. Keep it up and if other shoppers feel the same way as I, Trader Joe’s will be a bad memory of poor merchandizing decisions!

  56. Daniel Siegel

    Like others above, I have been buying Simple Lite Chocolate for 10+ years from Trader Joes, and was disappointed to see that they discontinued the product. After more than a few phone calls, I determined the following:
    1. TruFood Mfg purchased Simply Natural Foods on 7-31-20 (owned by AUA Private Equity Partners). The product (just Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Almonds — Milk Chocolate discontinued years ago) is now manufactured in Commack, NY. TruFood only makes this product “on demand” when they receive an Order from one of their Distributors. The vast majority of the orders for this product came from Trader Joes.

    2. The only TruFood Distributor that orders this product anymore is Nassau Candy in NY (though they can ship the product by truck to their other warehouses in MI, FL, TX and Southern and Northern CA). But you must have a Resale Certificate to order the product from Nassau Candy.

    3. So I spent a half hour on the web and created a company (DBA) with a Resale Certificate. I then signed up with Nassau Candy and (after a few obstacles) received an Order ($250 minimum – roughly 144 Bars at less than $2 each). The product is rarely in stock. But, by working the folks at Nassau Candy, I was able to secure an order and have it trucked to their SSF warehouse in Northern CA. I picked it up personally and now finally have access to the product (should last 6+ months). Guess I can sell it locally, or even offer it to Trader Joes (dont think they will be interested). But it beats paying $10/bar on Amazon (and probably not as fresh).

  57. Margaret Peterson

    I love Trader Joe’s. I’m 89, and up until a year ago, I was shopping there at least once a week. Now I’m not even driving, but have two daughters who do my TJ’s shopping. Just today I had one pick up 4 of my favorite salads. We all have favorites. Trader Joe’s Simply Light chocolate bar with almonds was and is my favorite dessert (I still have 4 bars left in my stash.). This is the only dessert for me! No cakes. No ice cream. No cookies. Be patient, people. God can perform miracles.

  58. Fred Wallace

    Attention: Trader Joes’ management. Ask your customers before taking my chololate that I love from the shelves. Now its my Lite sugar free dark chocolate bar. Please bring them back. This is the only chocolate I can eat because I am diabetic. All the other chocolate has way too much sugar. Please I miss my chocolate!

  59. Gail Quasebarth

    Bring Back Simply Lite Chocolate Bars! I understand there can be price increases or other issues with a supplier. But it’s obvious this product was extremely popular. TJ Management/Leadership should sort out the supplier contract – raise the price if necessary – and let the customers decide if it’s worth it. I would still buy it at a higher price!

  60. alison

    PLEASE bring back the Simply Lite Chocolate Bar, with or without almonds, I’m not picky! Clearly your loyal customers LOVE these bars. There is no substitution – nothing else out there like them. TJ’s we love you and you are excellent at customer service in the stores – live up to your reputation and bring these bars back!!

  61. Sherri Neefe

    Please bring back this chocolate bar. One of the few sugar free dark chocolates I loved! Very bummed you no longer carry it!

  62. Anonymous

    The sugar free dark chocolate was 5 Stars. Trader Joe’s is barely 1! Literally every single item that I bought in bulk ( I’m talking crazy person … multiple cases at a time!!) is now gone. I’m down to my last case and I can clearly see that I am not alone in expressing my displeasure with TJ. First all the low sodium items ( soups , salsa, sauces etc) ,now the sugar free chocolate!

  63. Lisa


  64. Angela Kamely

    5 stars for Simply Lite chocolate bars with almonds. When they were out of stock, I’d grab the plain. I’ve cut back on my sugar consumption significantly and these bars helped me achieve that. One square every night while doing the dishes. It makes dish washing tolerable. 1 star for who ever made the call to discontinue this line of chocolates. Good thing these didn’t have the following Bud Light had, we all know how badly that ended for the decision maker. Do the right thing, you’re know for carrying healthier products. Bring back the bars!

  65. Sparkie

    Maybe one day soon Trader Joe’s will join simply light chocolate bars, in being discontinued ?

  66. Dr Joel Gavriele-Gold

    Please bring back simply lite chocolate with almonds! So good and great to enjoy chocolate and not feel guilty and feel satisfied instead.

  67. Carl

    This is the only chocolate bar that I can eat that has no to a low glycemic effect on my insulin. Please bring the Simply Lite chocolate bar back it is of a high quality of gourmet taste.

  68. Tom

    Still hoping these come back If I’d have known I would have bought 100 to stock up. It wasn’t a Trader Joe’s branded product though, so I hope the company that made them eventually returns to the table and keep things going.

  69. carla

    Where are my fivourite Simply Lite, Sugar Free Chocolate bars?

  70. Mary Sutton

    I’m so disappointed that TJ’s had discontinued the Simply Lite Chocolate bars. I looked for months before realizing they had. These were the only chocolate I allowed myself because of diet restrictions. Please, please bring them back.

  71. Leslie Aclin

    Please bring them back! May we order them from the company for a good price ? I miss them so much. Best sugar free chocolate

  72. Bob Paine

    I spoke with the Trader Joe’s manager in Surprise AZ and he told me he has been inundated with complaints for months since the product was discontinued. He has passed the feedback along to his managers.

  73. Harriet

    So sad these delicious bars have been discontinued. They were the best treats diabetics could ask for. This should be a 5* rating, but the program only gave me the option of 4*’s.

  74. Mark MacDonald

    Let’s get Daniel Stiegle (see his review above), to sell them to all of us!!!

  75. Diane

    I agree with everyone here. Simply Lite Dark Chocolate was my favorite. I ask every time I go to Trader Joe’s and all they say is, it’s discontinued. Why? It is so popular and fills a needed void. There’s nothing else like it. Please bring it back! Five stars for the chocolate bar, not for Trader Joe’s!

  76. Nacio

    I understand that the bars were recalled due to milk was not declared as an ingredient, SO WHAT?!!! Bring them back to the shelves!! This was the e only reason I shop at Trader Joe’s! I have no reason now.

  77. Lucy

    Please bring these chocolate bars back!

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