Trader Joe’s Sfogliatella Pastry Reviews

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Classic Naples style, ready to bake, crisp layered pastry with ricotta cheese and candied orange filling, sold in the frozen section. Product of Italy.


11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sfogliatella Pastry Reviews

  1. Lena DeChristoforo

    Where in Mass can I purchase the sfogliatella frozen pastry. I live in Burlington, MA & would like to purchase it here if possible, thank you!

  2. Carlton

    Delicious. Flaky. Crunchy. Heavenly.

  3. sl flowers

    This product is horrible. It is a hot mess – literally. I love the Pain au Chocolate and Pain au Almond but this pastry is horrendous. It bled out most of its “butter” onto the pain and then spilled over onto the bottom of the stove. I switched baking sheets and it still lost more “butter”. I had to use two towels to soak up the spilled oil. The pastries were so drenched in oil that they dripped onto my hand and burned me. What was suppose to be a sweet and easy dessert has turned into a major clean up. ZERO stars.

  4. Robin

    I couldn’t believe these were at Trader Joe’s! I have paid $70 plus shipping to have these sent from New York, as a Christmas present for my husband. I just baked two of these and they came out great! I will bake them the full 40 minutes next time and let them cool on a paper towel. We ate these hot, right from the oven. I also used parchment paper. Good job TJ’s.

  5. Linda

    I am so happy! I now have my favorite italian pastry in the house! Followed directions & they came out perfectly. So delicious!!!

  6. Evi Goldstein

    Sfogliatelle is my favorite Italian pastry and as a former New Yorker living in Texas 22 years I’m excited that I can buy it at Trader Joe’s! I think this product is delicious and satisfies my craving for Sfogliatelle!

  7. Anna

    Almost as good as in Naples!!! Please bring them back asap.

  8. Tina T

    Please ask your manager in Annapolis Maryland to bring this Sfogliatelle Pastry into the store!
    I shouldn’t have to drive 45 minutes into Washington DC to buy it!

  9. AnnMarie N

    Oh my God, these are delicious! This is my favorite Italian Pastry. They smelled delicious baking. We took them out of the oven to let them cool slightly. When I bit into the pastry it was still warm and creamy. It brought me back to Positano where I had my first warm sfogliatella. Honestly, it was just as good minus the spectacular view. Trader Joe’s- never discontinue this product!!

  10. Cathy R

    These are my Napolitano mother’s favorite. But the instructions on the box are off. I’ve made them twice. They are nowhere near cooked after 35 or 40 minutes. The second time I made them, after 35 minutes, I raised the temp to 400 degrees for the last 5-10 minutes. Perfectly crispy! And I used parchment paper—much better than using a greased pan—they definitely don’t need extra butter or oil.

  11. IrochkaD

    These are absolutely delicious and authentic, but I agree with Cathy R. review-35-40 minutes is way too short and I tried them both in my regular old Frigidaire oven and Breville toaster oven, with the latter being the beast when it comes to temperature. In both cases, additional time was needed. For Frigidaire, I believe, another 30 minutes and for Breville, another 15. Once cooked, these are better than numerous Italian bakeries I have tried.

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