Trader Joe’s Seeded Mango & Ginger Crisps Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Seeded Mango & Ginger Crisps Reviews

  1. Bonnie

    These are my absolute favorite. I love the flavor combination and the crispy bread part with the chewy dried mango is perfection. So good with a triple cream brie, sharp white cheddar or even just plain cream cheese. Who am I kidding… they are great even without anything added. I usually buy several of these Mango & Ginger and the Fig & Olive ones when we get to a TJ’s as we don’t have one close by. Thank you for not discontinuing the flavor as I read that was happening when I couldn’t find them again. Please never stop making them!!!

  2. Geri B. Chmiel

    SADLY my Trader Joes said that they will not be getting these !!! WHY ????????????

  3. Geri B. Chmiel

    Can I order Mango & Ginger Crisps ?????????

  4. Sarah Penny

    Why on earth would TJ’s discontinue these…? One of the best products EVER.

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