Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Fine Crystals Reviews

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16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Fine Crystals Reviews

  1. Maxine

    To open container…see the indented circle on top, puncture in the hole when lined up with the square-like shape. Frustrating, they should have a how -to -open on this container.
    Great salt.

  2. Dana

    It’s fine. As they say.

  3. Haticha Eisenberg

    Thank you, Maxine
    I was figuring out how to open this salt. Your comment was very helpful.
    Take care

  4. Anonymous

    This is my only salt that I using my most cooking.

  5. Haru

    Thank you so much Maxine!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you Maxine. A note on the canister would have been nice.

  7. Jon

    Maxine, you are the best. People like you are why the world works. You have given me renewed faith in humanity.

  8. Marle

    We used a screwdriver to open the salt container. Nothing else worked! Lol!

  9. Maura


    TJ’s should send you something as a ‘Thank You’ because your tip actually prevented me from having to return the item. I’m sure that’s true for many others also.

  10. Josephine

    Same here.
    I saw the mark that seemed to indicate it was a punch-out. But after I broke the tip of a knife trying (thank god didn’t slice a finger), I came to good ol’ internet to search for “how the fck do you open this thing”. Really ridiculous.

  11. Kandice

    I asked Google the same question Josephine! I’ve been staring at the top for 5 mins. Thank you for confirming Maxine. I was trying to turn it without puncturing first. It’s open now. Lovely salt. Can’t wait to use it.

  12. Kay Clark

    Me too to all the above and thanks, thanks Maxine!! I agree it’s ridiculous they don’t include directions. Maybe on the next batch, however long they take to use up the existing containers. We should all let them know, tho.

  13. JOe B

    great salt but terrible opening design i punctured the top and the plastic shattered into the salt . I wish they would make it a better opening design and have some better instructions. I gave it 4 stars because of container opening .

  14. Sharon

    Agree almost sliced a finger opening it- this salt is a hazard!

  15. RO


  16. Justin

    Are used to open containers like this when I was eight years old… But I see some adults here complaining that they can’t figure it out. It’s no wonder people are stupid enough to jab themselves with depopulation poison fearing a virus that doesn’t exist. And to this day, the vast majority of people dumb enough to do this don’t realize that if they shine a UV light on their face, it will glow orange because they have been marked by a chemical called luciferase. Unreal how low the intelligence average has fallen. God help us.

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