Trader Joe’s Scalloped Cracker Trio Reviews

(14 customer reviews)

Rosemary, red chili, and garlic crackers.


14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Scalloped Cracker Trio Reviews

  1. Philip Mintz

    Love it! Please keep producing it all year round!

  2. Karen

    The ONLY crackers we really like! Please nak them year to round!!!

  3. Karen

    Please make them available year round!!

  4. Michal

    Please. Year round! ASAP!

  5. Amy Bolin

    They are so good!! We dont have a Trader Joes in the northern half of Indiana so we have to drive over an hour to stock up.These crackers are worth the drive!! Please make these available year round!!!!

  6. Kay

    My favorite! Please sell year round.

  7. Elena

    These are the best crackers ever! I wish they were available the year round. If I had known they were seasonal I would have stocked up on them.

  8. Alexis Rachel

    These are delicious!!! +100 Would love to have access to them year-round! Also left a request on the TJ’s contact form.

  9. Jennifer

    Year round – definitely! They would be my go-to cracker.

  10. Gigi W

    Incredibly tasty; one of our favorite TJ crackers ever and would have bought more if we’d known it was seasonal. Will they be returning and do you happen to know when? Thank you!

  11. Julie

    Please make these available all year long!!!!

  12. Brittney Rogers

    PLEASE MAKE THEM AVALIBLE YEAR ROUND!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!! Was bummed to find our they were seasonal!!

  13. Vicki W

    Wow! I didn’t know they were seasonal only, and then I went to buy more in February. Bummer! yes…these are better than what TJs is selling year round.

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